Week 9

In all honesty I feel really happy that we had donated money to our non-profit organization. I feel allot of happiness in me now for I had deiced to take time out of my life and give to those who are in need of help. My group’s goal has now been achieve but I plan to build abound it to make it grow large so I can donate even more to organization of my choosing. Knowing that this money is going some where that will help others in their aid is something more powerful and grateful than anything else on this planet.

Week 8 The Field Trip

Taking a field trip down to P.G Chambers was very exciting and truly was allot of fun. The greatest thing about this trip was being allowed to observe a class room full of children with special disabilities. Every single time I walked by the school I felt as though I was in a place of happiness with everyone accepting each other for who they are. I feel really appreciative that our Main Street Philanthropy Class had gone down to P.G. Chambers and kind deeds we did for these children.

Second Panel Discussion

Our second panel discussion was just as well as our first panel discussion. To me this discussion felt just as great as our previous discussion in the sense of the feeling I had to each charity organization. Though the greatest thing that stood out about this discussion was that we had more time to interview each charity organization and asked more questions that were outside the box rather than just reading them off a sheet of paper. I felt as though I was better prepared more this time than before and my goals were straighter  in terms of questions than the previous discussion. Indeed this panel discussion was amazing and the amount of information that each non-profit charity was just fantastic.

First Panel Discussion

After few weeks of obtaining money for my non-profit organization I finally got to see what other non-profit organizations that the other groups in our class choose. At our first panel discussion I saw three very well delivered presentation that the non-profit organizations brought. Indeed each one made me feel very happy knowing that we’re donating money to them. They all handled the question’s very and gave me an idea on why I should donate to them . I truly did enjoyed this panel discussion for the shire fact that the information I needed was there and they all had something that made them standout with their goals that they wanted to achieve.

Week 5

A. What  I learned about the various ways to evaluate an investment is that I must considered that the organization may or may not have as much financial aid gained from allot of Donner’s and see what methods they use to receive an investment. This made me look more carefully and think more carefully about how the organization achieves their investment and whether or not they are appropriate enough for me except or appreciate. Though I do see that more values that come out of one method as appose to another.

B. In all honesty I do find it some what hard to evaluate non-profit organizations; I try to find something that truly stands out for them and gives a real feeling that  I want to donate to the non-profit organization.

Panel Discussion

The panel discussion was full of enlightenment. It was great to see actual workers of these charities to come in and really get in depth in answering our questions as we learn more about their organization. We also learn a lot about each one personally. The organizations that took their time away to come in and really speak about their cause was PG Chambers, Blink now, and Save: Homeless animals. Learning about these charities allowed us to figure out the charity we wanted to end up donating to. Save: A friend to Homeless aniamls mission was to help homeless animals and spread awareness to care more about animals because some people don’t notice that these aniamls are still living and have a heart. PG Chambers is the next foundation that helps disabled children ages 3-14 and are looking to grow that number to provide more help which really persuaded me to donate to them as I would like to see more and more help provided as the organization progresses. Last was Blink now, which is an organization that focuses on building comunnities, through caring for children, education, healthcare, empowerment, and sustainability. I really enjoyed listening to all 3 charities as they were all very passionate about their cause which is very important in looking at charities to donate to because then one will know that they are not in it for the money, they actually care. The question “Why do you personally work with the organization?” was the most important question that anyone could ask to these guests because it really shows if they are trying to help or not and all 3 were just so engaged which was very relieving and fullfilling.

Week 5

Week 5 of the Main Street Philanthropy program was a very interesting one. We learned how to look at charities by checking the facts of quantitative and qualitative.  I learned that quatitative shows the numbers of the charity while qualitative is showing facts without numbers for example if one were to ask an employey that works at a charity what is the mission? or why do you personally work here? etc. These 2 methods are usually used in questions to find out more about the charity. I see a lot of value in a quantitative analysis as it shows where their money actual goes and how well they actually do in helping for their cause.

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis in charities is very important and I had the opportunity to learn about this and really figure out how official the charities are. It shows how well the charity does in donating money to their actual cause and all sorts of important information one may want to know about a charity they are interested in helping and funding in. Our group looked up the Emanuel Cancer Foundation because our purpose is health research and cancer is our topic so we looked up this charity and found that they spend half of their money to programs but they dont have the greatest fundraise ratio but overall its a well organized foundation.


On week 3 we were put into different groups which was established by what we believe in and what our supportives are. In my group we all had similar supportives such as education institutions and health research. Our group started to converse and learned our purpose and what illness we would like to fund for. Our purpose was to helpin heath research so we decided to then go with cancer because we all believed that it is the most important illness to worry about for a cure. We then started to plan out a fundraiser because that is what we wanted to do. We wanted to get kids to throw pies at teachers and the kids would have to pay to throw a pie or anyone who would like to try our fundraiser.

Week 7

I interviewed my cousins over Thanksgiving Break because they are around the same age as I am. I told them about what we were doing and how we were doing it, i also told them the cause my group is researching organizations for as well as how we had interviewed several organizations in class. They thought it was pretty cool and that i was lucky and also that they wished their school would do that. I learned that my cousins were pretty interested with this and would definitely enjoy participating if they could.