Our trip to P.G Chambers was one I will never forget. I am so lucky that I got the opportunity not only donate a substantial amount of money to a cause we all advocated for but also get the chance to see exactly how our donations will make a difference. Listening to the volunteers and teachers from this school was also incredibly enlightening due to the fact that they all had nothing but good things to say about this organization and they shared how much it changed their lives on a daily basis. This trip allowed me to see what philanthropy is truly about and experiencing it first hand was very moving. The Main Street Philanthropy program was such a rewarding experience for me and it has influenced me to take part in my own philanthropic endeavors in the future.

PG Chambers

I loved the field trip! We were all able to get the opportunity for both classes to go to the PG Chambers school and donate the money that we all raised for this foundation. It was such an amazing experience to be able to go to the school and go into the individual classrooms and see the students that would be effected by our donations. My group went into a classroom and we saw the teachers helping the students work with the smart board, playing different games. We also were able to see how amazing the people are that work with the students and how much they care for each child in the program and how they want to help them to strive to greatness. Overall, I loved that through Mainstreet Philanthropy we were all able to go and experience something that we may not have been able to otherwise and also, help a cause that both classes felt deserves a portion of the donations.

Main Street Philanthropy

This topic is being done instead of the PG Chambers School, because I did not participate in the field trip – Mrs. Feltmann told me to blog about what part of Main Street Philanthropy I liked the most, instead.  The part of Main Street Philanthropy that I liked the most was the fact that the program exposed us, as students, to charity and philanthropy.  It is an invaluable lesson for anyone, and I think that not enough people are exposed to it prior to adulthood.  It also gave me insight into the world of business, particularly that of a non-profit organization.  We got to meet, talk with, and interview people who either work for, founded, or are a board member of a charity.  It was also a good experience, as we were introduced to the concept of cold-calling businesses and learned what the process of interviewing an employee (the same goes for any organization; be it a profit or a non-profit, a charity or a regular business) and determining if the place is worth the time and money.  The process of learning these key life concepts was what my favorite part was, and being able to actually help others that are less fortunate than myself in the process was a wonderful bonus.


I really liked that we all got a chance to advocate for the charities we liked best after the pannel discussion.  I think our presentations to the class was one of the best things we did in this program because it was so interesting to see why others chose certain organizations and hear what they liked about them or how they related personally to them.  I was personally swayed in my own decisions by what others said during their presentations.  I think that had we not done these presentations, we may have all put our money towards different charites. It was so beneficial to hear what people had to say about why they chose the organizations they did.

PG Chambers

This trip was so amazing! It was my favorite part of this program because we got to see who and what we were impacting.  It seemed to be so much more than just a school and it was so amazing to see how the teachers and faculty worked with all of the kids when we got to walk around and observe the classes.  I’m so glad that this school was one we got to donate to because even being there for just a short time it was so evident that all their faculty were SO invested in the children.  It was truly incredible to see the children being worked with in a way that suited their abilities and to see that any child was able to get exactly what they needed from this school.  I wish we could have stayed and visited longer and really gotten to work with the children. In the future I would really love to be able to volunteer there!

Final Trip to PG Chambers

Our  final trip to the PG Chambers School was definitely one I will never forget. Beyond just being an incredible experience, it was inexplicably beneficial to see first hand just what we, as an entire team, were supporting and donating to. Although I personally did not choose to put money to this organization, this trip certainly opened my eyes to a world of other important causes and opportunities; getting to see just what our donation would benefit and go towards, having a one on one interaction with just a mere few of the many children under the PG Chambers care, it really left a kind of imprint on me. I sort of officially understood, in that moment, what philanthropy was a meant to me, and how I got to embody it. This entire experience, culminating with this incredible trip to an incredible organization, has inspired me to carry these philanthropic lessons on into my own life. I am so grateful that I was given such an amazing and rare opportunity through the Main Street Philanthropy program, and am extremely excited to now continue on these endeavors, at least at a more personal level, in my life every day.

PG Chambers

Visiting this school was such an incredible experience. It was amazing for me because we got to see one of the amazing places that we were donating our money to. Also, we learned  more about what exactly the school would be doing with our money. This experience definitely opened my eyes and made me want to volunteer there, at PG Chambers. Interacting with some of the children was so amazing, and it would be even more amazing to be able to visit there  more often and see the children grow and make progress. Overall I was very excited to see the school and the trip did not disappoint! And lastly, I’m excited that some of our classes money went to such an amazing cause!

PG Chambers

After the visit from PG Chambers, I was very excited knowing that most of our donations are going to an incredible cause. Seeing how the students interacted was an eye-opening experience and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. Although I wish we could have visited other charities as well, I had a great time at the school and was thinking of coming back during the summer to volunteer. I was very happy leaving the school because I knew that our classes made the students’s days and we put smiles on all of their faces, while they did the same to us. Going to PG Chambers was my favorite field trip because we were able to see that our money was truly making a difference.

P.G. Chambers Visit

Traveling to the school was well worth it. We were able to see how nice the school was for the people working there and the students who attend. The children were very nice. We were able to see how the students performed and how they are each different in their own ways. The staff were very happy that they were getting a large sum of money from us.

P.G Chambers

After the trip to the P.G Chambers school I realized that being able to see what the entires class donations was actually going to and who it would be directly helping. Being able to walk through the school and see its success first hand was an remarkable experience. Being able to see all of the equipment needed and the wonderful children it was going to help, I felt like the donation was well worth it and would help advance the classrooms and learning environment. Not only touring the school, but being able to go inside a class room and see what really went in a daily class for the students, being able to see the progress that these children were making with the technology that was given was simply amazing. As a whole I personally loved the visit to the P.G Chambers school and the experience of being able to see where the money I personally donated was going.