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1. When evaluating companies to invest in, various factors come into consideration. The size of the company is a factor to consider. If the company is bigger, it is safer to invest in. A bigger company is more known and safe than a smaller company. Another factor to look at is the 99o tax form, The truth of their revenues lies there. In the 990 tax form, it shows whether or not the their funds are being used properly and honestly.

2. It is important to look at the tax forms because it reveals the control of the donation money. The tax form also reveals how the company is doing financially. By revealing their financial status, one determines the worth of the investment. It would not be wise to donate money to a charity that is financially stable for 2 months. The company would not last.

3. This project has revealed to me the importance of research. Donating money is good, but one has to ask questions, to determine whether the charity is a scam or legitimate. If one does not do their research and the charity is a scam, it would be the epitome to burning money. I believe that a good investor keeps track of their money. Another reason why one must do their research, is to determine whether the cause is sufficient to one’s belief. One is not able to donate to every charity, so it is good to donate to a charity where one believe’s in their cause.

4.¬† I chose I love a clean San Diego and the National Resources defense Council. I believed both were safe and worthy causes. I love a Clean San Diego is known locally which makes it a safe. One is able to check their tax returns on their website which gives the donator the chance to check their funding. The National Resources Defense Council is known internationally, many influencial leaders, business people support their cause. One is able to check the charity’s tax returns which is also good. I would not donate to a charity that does not have their tax form and their website.

5. As a final decision, my groop  chose Environmental Health Coalition. The customer service was amazing, they we pleasant, and friendly. They followed our team purpose and vision. They had a well organized and clear plan. They focused to better local communities like city heights and barrio logan. They offer solution to lesser known issues. On their tax forms, they are financially stable for a long period of time. They offer leadership and ideas to environmental issues.

6. I hope the donation helps them out with their cause. I know the amount of money was not alot, but I hope this money could alleviate any sort of problem with the environment. People ignore the importance of nature, and the importance of clean waters and a clean environment. The environment affects a person’s health, if we have a horrible environment, people would be exposed to horrible diseases. I hope this money goes a long way to help the environment. The next time I donate, I hope to make a donation big enough to make a difference, to turn the tide.

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