1. There are various ways you can evaluate an investment in a company. Factors include size, funding, fundraising, management, and many more. A company must have the proper funding or else it cannot exist and the sustainability will be low and will not last. Good management can also guarantee that a company will grow fast and be sustainable. If many people donate to the organization then it also has a higher chance of success. Also,the more popular the organization the higher the chance it has to go far because many people know about it and can put their trust towards it.
  2. It is important to look at the numbers because it tells how well or poorly a company is doing. The numbers reveal the sustainability and funding of the company. Therefore, the 990 form is vital when deciding which charity or organization to invest in. Doing the tax forms has informed me which ratio numbers are good and which are bad, predicting how well of an investment the charity would be. It clarifies if it is worth the investment. I found out that my two organizations although may seem good in other areas lack the sustainability in order for the companies to continue in the future. One of them is predicted to only last for two more months which is not good.
  3. I learned that before giving money away you need to do your research beforehand and ask yourself if this company worth the investment. MSP has affected my perspectives on charities and the world by allowing me to be aware of the issues that are going on in the world. So many organizations need our help, but it is hard to donate to all of them. Therefore, it is more meaningful when you donate to the ones that you are most affected by and feel the closest connection to. Charities have a large impact by helping those in need. Charities focus on certain issues and their mission statements reveal what they intend to do which is helpful when deciding which ones align with our own.
  4. I chose to research the San Diego Education Association and Education Pioneers. San Diego Education Association’s mission was to “organize, advocate, and bargain to support public education in an era of politicized top-down reforms, inadequate funding, and anti-union legislation” which hurts the students, as a result. Therefore, SDEA wants to make the best reforms possible for the children in the public-school system. Education Pioneers’ mission is to increase the efficiency of educators to provide the best leadership and teachers in the school systems. Their long-term goal is to provide students with the most efficient education possible. Although these two organizations are have very good causes, they did not exactly align with my group’s mission statement, therefore, I did not recommend them to my group.
  5. My group decided to donate to the Ronald McDonald House because after we visited the facility it really stuck with us and how education is also an important factor in a child’s life even though they are ill and away from home. Their mission and purpose felt very meaningful to us. Also their tax forms revealed how well the organization was doing which indicated to us that the charity was a good investment to start off with. We saw how well our donations can be spent and that helped us with our decision.
  6. I hope that the money we donate to Ronald McDonald will be spent to keep the facilities running, alleviating the stress of parents and families of the children who are sick. With the education program, it will be one less thing that parents will have to worry about. Kids there would receive similar education needs to the regular school systems. The teacher there tries to match the ciriculumn that the student would currently be learning in school so the student returns it would feel like they did not miss any school at all. In the future I plan on volunteering at the organization. When we visited, the volunteer director, Vince, showed us around and mentioned how volunteers are always needed in order to keep the facility running. Any donation or simply time out of  our day can make a difference.

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