Large Blog Post Assignment

  1. There are simply a plethora of methods that are so vital to anyone when analyzing a charity.  There are such factors as size, funding, or leadership that are simply key to understanding the ins and outs of a charity.  If the organization doesn’t have decent funding, they may crumble.  If they don’t have good leadership, they may lack the ability to properly spread the money.  Looking at taxes provides great insight into the monetary aspect of charities, but it isn’t as good as one would expect.  I think the best method is to combine the looking over Tax form 990 with basic research of the company, to understand all parts of a charity.
  2. The numbers don’t lie; they are the basis of an organization.  All charities must run on some form of money in order to pay their employees, but more importantly, give money to the causes that they are advertising.  If a charity looks great and has lots of money, but in reality would plummet without money for a few months, or isn’t giving the money to good causes, they shouldn’t be given money.  This is why, although it provides only a portion of the overall image, Form 990 is vital to researching charities.  Looking at my organization’s tax returns, nothing new really appeared, except for the fact that larger organizations, while large and vast in their power, can’t even survive for too long without money.
  3. It is a hard process for anyone trying to donate money.  People have to consider so many different factors before making such an important decision as to where to send thousands of dollars.  You don’t want to make the mistake of giving the money to the wrong organization, or to the wrong cause.  In the picking process of the charitable causes, I saw simply all the problems in the world and I then understood that there are simply so many problems in the world.  Charities do us a favor by providing us a mechanism to help the world without devoting too much effort.  Without charities, we would be in a world far worse, where these parasitic issues run rampant.
  4. I picked the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the UCSD Moores Cancer Research Center.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation is devoted to using their money to helping those who are suffering from breast cancer, raising awareness of the issue, and donating the money to causes that may be able to develop methods against cancer.  In a way, the Susan G. Komen Foundation would plausibly donate to the UCSD Moores Center, because of the mission of the Center.  The UCSD Center is devoted to the research and development of treatment methods for cancer patients.  While I think that both causes are great, I think the UCSD Moores Center is more aligned because it is solely devoted to the research of cancer right now, rather than secondary goals.
  5. The final charity our group picked was the Scripps Research Institute.  We picked it because it combined factors that we liked from the charities available.  For the UCSD Moores Center, we liked that it was devoted to the study and research in cancer, but it was so small.  For the Susan G. Komen Foundation, we liked the size and the leadership and vast resources, but worried about how efficiently the money would be used by such an organization.  Therefore, we tried to find an organization with both aspects.  The Scripps Research Institute is a fairly large charity, spanning two states in California and Florida, with the capacity to do lots of good due to their sole purpose of research.
  6. Hopefully, with our money, the Scripps Research Institute will be able to use the money for further researching of methods to combat cancer.  We understand that cancer is NOT something that can simply be beat by a few extra dollars, but rather will be a long and drawn out process that will involve millions of invested dollars and a world of time.  But, hopefully, our small contributions may add up with other small contributions to make a great impact.  In the future, I think I would try to do further research and understanding of the charities that I looked at.  It isn’t because the Scripps Research Institute didn’t match our purpose; it completely and fully did.  Rather, I would next time want to make sure that my money goes under the proper branch of a charity.

-Kai Wu

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