MSP Experience

1.  From this experience I have learned that to fully evaluate a company for a possible investment, much research should be conducted.  There are several factors to take into mind such as their mission statement and their purpose. I wanted to make sure that these line up with what I value and was searching for.  I also took into account their numbers. How they are spending their money as far as management, fundraising, funding and so on was very important. I think that taking a look at the company’s 990 tax form is one of the best methods I used because much about the health and wealth of the company can be revealed.  I wanted to invest in a company that not only matched my goals but also matched the standards of a healthy thriving company worthy of investing in.

2.  Looking at the numbers before investing is key.  I wanted to make sure that the company I was donating to have the funds to stay alive.  Even if a company lines up with my personal vision, I would want to invest only if that company is responsible with their funds and efficient.  More than anything a tax return would prove a company’s effectiveness because the use of their funds are revealed. I wanted to invest in a company that uses funds to give back to the people and really feed the hungry instead of profiting and paying too much for employment. The charities I had researched all used their funds fairly responsibly, so I felt more confident in my choices this way.

3.  Through MSP I have gained a new perspective on how I can impact this world personally.  I have learned what to look out for when looking for where to invest my money, including scams and irresponsible charities. I have learned how to do my research and find charities that really align with what I am looking for so that I can put my money in a place that would best serve people.  Through this experience I especially have gained confidence in how even my small contribution can help change the world. Now I see that money can really be viewed as energy. When I choose to give my money to a charity, I am truly extending my hand to them, showing gratitude not only for the charity and the cause, but also receiving gratitude as I have just made a contribution to something that will benefit those in need.

4.  The two companies I decided to research were Share Our Strength and Freedom from Hunger.  Both companies aligned with my group’s personal mission to “provide food to people in need, advocate for the hungry, and educate the public about hunger-related issues.” Freedom from Hunger works to ”equip very poor families to improve their incomes, safeguard their health and achieve lasting food security.”  Share our Strength “is a national organization that works hard to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry,” and works to grow funds to donate to global organizations. Both missions aligned with ours and both organizations scored highly on analysis. We had many organizations to choose from so it was good to have well rounded candidates.

5.  My group chose Feeding San Diego.  Not only did it score the highest overall after our analysis, but this local charity fit our mission and vision statement the most.  It has good resources, is accessible to the regular person to volunteer, it is a healthy charity and is part of a bigger organization.  Feeding San Diego not only focused on making food accessible to hungry people, but also has an effort to making food nutritious for those who are nutrient deficient.

6.  I hope that the impact of my donation will help sustain the charity so that they can continue spreading the nutritious food they serve.  I hope that my contribution will encourage my immediate friends and family to consider doing the same. In the future I hope to continue to have the means to donate and volunteer my time to other local charities so that I can have a hand in making San Diego a better community.

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