Main Street Philanthropy

There are many ways to evaluate a company. Checking a company’s tax form can show whether the company is using their income in an efficient way. Out of all of them, I think that leadership is the most important when evaluating a company. They are the ones deciding for the entirety of the company. If the leaders are not good at what they do, the company won’t be able to continue to run as well.

It’s important to look at the tax returns before investing in a company. By looking at a company’s tax returns, you can determine whether they are worthwhile to invest in. Checking the tax returns can show how much the company has earned and where they are using that money. From the organizations I observed, I learned that it is important to have enough resources to sustain the company when there is no income.

Giving money away to charities is a way you can avoid taxes. It is very important to research the charity before giving  your money away. The charity you donate to can possibly be a scam. Checking the tax forms of charities is important since you can tell whether they are using the money they receive for their cause or pocketing it.

The two organizations I researched were the Scripps Research Institute and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The goal of the Scripps Research Institute is to diagnose, treat, and investigate diabetes and other metabolism disorders.¬† The goal of the Prostate Cancer Foundation is to end death from prostate cancer. Both of the charity’s goals aligned with our goal of treating disease and illness.

Our final charity that we chose was the Scripps Research Institute. The Scripps Research Institute managed the funds it received well and put all of it into medical research. Out of all of the charities we researched, they were the most polite and allowed us to visit on short notice.

I hope that our donation will allow them to continue to thrive and make medical breakthroughs that will help many people. To help the Scripps Research Institute and other charities related with medical research, I would like to donate, even if it’s just a little.

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