Helping the Hungry Blog Post: Project Overview

1.) After doing this MSP project, I have learned many things. One of those things is would definitely never not do would be invest my money into something else without being 100% or close to 100% comfortable with where I choose to place my money. Another thing that I would definitely always consider looking into is income statements, tax forms, and as a whole, the specific companies financial statements and things of similar sort.
2.) When studying numbers of a company, it is important to make sure everything matches up to what you would have expected. Even though their tax forms may look legit, those forms could very well be fakes and you could be dealing with scammers if you aren’t paying close attention. Prior to doing this project, I had no idea that charities had investment securities to cover their backs and help the charity get by’ originally I had thought that charities involved only donations and volunteers.
3.) I have learned from this project that it is important to pay attention to every detail when you decide to put your money that you would wish to invest whether it be a charity or investing in the stock market.
4.) The two charities that I had picked for the project were Meals on Wheels and Serving Seniors. These charities are both non-profit organizations, and both of these charities are delivery services that can provide to those who can’t afford normal meals. Also, both of these organizations are in San Diego, CA.
5.)The final charity that our group had decided to follow through with was Feeding America; more specifically, the San Diego Branch. Several of us within our group had been there in the past to volunteer and this was the organization that we were most familiar with. The organization had strong financials, it was a large organization across the United States, and overall was our best option no doubt for our final donation. Our mission dealt with hunger and Feeding America/Feeding San Diego was the perfect candidate to suit our final decision.
6.) I just hope that our money raised will make brighten someones day, make them smile, and comfort them. I never really noticed how good it feels to give back to people in need and it brings joy to me knowing that our donation will definitely impact someone’s life in a positive way in the short future.

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