MSP Experience

  1. Through this project I learned there are many aspects you should take into account when donating to a charity.  Charities may have a good social impression, but you should look further to make sure they are doing what they say, and efficiently.  Personally I think the percent of money a company puts towards there programs is the most important factor.
  2. It is important to look at a company’s numbers before donating/investing to make sure they are doing what they claim. Personally I think it’s most important to make sure they are spending the money on the needy, and that you aren’t funding someone’s paycheck.
  3. This project has made me look deeper into where I put my money.  Now I see the value in research; making sure an organization is using your money correctly.  I didn’t realize this before, but some companies can be scams and use your donations for personal use.
  4. I chose to research Feeding San Diego and the San Diego Food Bank.  Both of their missions were to help provide the hungry with nutritious meals, essentially identical to our groups mission.  After doing research, I found that both companies reasonably use their donations well, putting it to the real cause.
  5. We ended up deciding to donate to Feeding San Diego.  We found their mission and vision aligned with our, and that they use donations most efficiently.  We thought it was powerful to be able to go in the warehouse and directly see where our donation would go.
  6. We are hoping that our donation will provide nutritious meals to many people.  We believe Feeding San Diego will accomplish this, and that they will allow many needy people to face one less challenge for a good period of time.

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