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  1. I learned how to evaluate charities by more than just looking at their website. Looking at the 990 tax form helped me see how the charity has been doing financially. I learned how important it is to look at the ratios instead of just how much money they have raised. Also, a simple call to the charity can help you learn a lot about the volunteers there and how the charity interacts with others. Simply speaking to the charity allows one to catch a glimpse of their kindness and passion for their cause.
  2. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment in a company because no matter how good they may seem, the numbers never lie. A 990 tax form can show a charity’s performance over the years and how it is doing currently. When I looked at two of my charities’ tax returns I was able to compare them without emotion or bias. Seeing the numbers allowed me to pick which charity is worth investing financially wise. Although one charity was better than the other, they were both doing well financially and we liked their cause.
  3. I have given away money before and it has always felt good, but this time was different. Visiting the animal shelter that we gave money to was special because I knew exactly where the money was going and what it was being used for. MSP has helped me learn how important charities are to the community and the world. People are giving their time and money to benefit a cause. I’ve learned how many people come together just to help others.
  4. I chose to research FACE Foundation and Rancho Coastal Humane Society. FACE is dedicated to help families afford the cost of their pets’ care. RCHS’ goal is to rescue animals and take in any animal that needs shelter. Both missions were comparable to ours but we chose RCHS because their mission of saving animals and having a home for them was what we really wanted to contribute to.
  5. The final selected charity we chose to donate our money to was Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Their mission aligned with ours and their financial history was very good. When we called they were extremely nice and when we visited them we sensed a genuine passion in every volunteer. In my opinion, you should truly want to help out the cause and know that the charity does too, and RCHS showed us how excited they were about helping animals.
  6. I am hoping that the money we gave will go towards the shelters that the saved animals are currently living in. Even though we did not donate a huge amount of money, it is nice knowing that it will actually make a difference and hopefully will benefit their facility. In the future I hope to volunteer at an animal shelter. I will stay in San Diego, so RCHS may actually be somewhere that I spend my time helping out in the future. Just seeing how excited the volunteers were when we came has influenced me in hopefully helping them out one day.



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