MSP project

  1. Checking the numbers is the most important step to take when choosing a company to invest in/donate to. This is because even if a charity appears to have definite goals and strong leadership, they may lack proper fund allocation. Checking tax forms can tell a potential donor if the company uses funds to actually help the cause, or if their priorities are elsewhere. From evaluating tax forms from various charities, I learned that poor money management is a deal breaker for me as to if I decide to donate there or not. I felt much more confident about donating to the Environmental Health Coalition once I was able to see exactly where they were using funds. Evaluating tax forms also gave me a more clear idea of leadership in the organization because well-managed finances imply eligible and qualified people in charge. Tax forms are the most telling aspect of a charity, and are important to consider.
  2. I chose to research the Environmental Health Coalition and the San Diego Oceans Foundation. Environmental Health Coalition works to repair and prevent negative environmental impact on low-income areas of San Diego. They educate about the impact that pollution has on low-income communities specifically, an issue that is commonly overlooked by local officials. This aligns with our group’s mission because we believe that the solution to climate destruction begins with the people. Everyone is affected by environmental depletion, low-income communities most specifically. By starting a mission for change in these areas, EHC is targeting the worst of the problem, which is the most efficient way to enact change everywhere. San Diego Oceans Foundation encourages community action to promote ocean stability. They teach volunteers about marine life and the importance of sustaining San Diego’s oceans, while also providing solutions to environmental struggles. SDOF shares our same vision of people enacting the necessary change to restore health to the environment. They educate the public and offer tools for change to promote pride and appreciation for ocean health.
  3. We decided to donate to the Environmental Health Coalition. The deciding factor for us was their clear mission and plan to achieve their goal. They have an optimistic vision for the future, accompanied by genuine and passionate people in charge. They have a clearly stated goal, and realistic steps to take that will make their vision a reality. They were friendly, informative, and clearly devoted to enacting the change they advocate for. We were attracted to their strong leadership, unique mission, and professional demeanor.
  4. I hope that my donation will fund EHC’s efforts for safer communities in San Diego.