Donating money but gaining knowledge

  1. I learned that there are many ways to look at an investment in a company. I learned that there is a lens in which you evaluate how risky something is compared to looking at something for how much profit you can make. In order to evaluate if a company is good, we learned about fundamental analysis. We looked at balance sheets and cold hard numbers behind each company’s operation. To me, I see more value in the amount of money one can make. As someone with little to no money, I don’t really have anything to lose compared to someone who is older.
  2. The statement that numbers don’t lie applies to alot of things in the world and companies are one of those things. Numbers tell the truth when the news and the management do not. Numbers show everything a shady CEO would try to hide. I learned about how some charities are run for profit, where some charities are only open to make the management money. When looking at my organizations, none were open solely for management profit. I could see how efficiently they were using the money.
  3. I learned that in the charity game, it is better to give money to a charity that is run well. It is not a good idea to just give money to a charity that is going to close down in the next couple weeks. MSP has changed my perspective so that I look at charities like I would any other investment. Charities are meant to be companies that cater to what you want to change and make better, so one should invest money like they would a company.
  4. I looked at the African Wildlife Foundation and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Both were geared towards helping wild animals, with more emphasis on the animals of Africa. They did not really align with what we were trying to accomplish. Our mission was more focused on domesticated animals, where we wanted  to ensure animals are healthy and safe and to educate citizens on the proper ways to care for animals.
  5. We chose the Rancho Coastal Humane Society because we felt that they were very friendly and were genuine. They were local and focused on San Diego, which was something I really liked because they would be helping our community. Most importantly, they had high marks in the financial ratio category, which is a must. The crew working there was super nice and really loved the animals they cared for.
  6. I hope that the donation will go to expanding the operations of the charity. Right now, they serve a part of San Diego. I want them to expand so they can help all the animals. I also want them to be able to expand the physical building they have so they can house more dogs and cats. The workers really love the dogs and cats they have and I would love to see them with the ability to save more animals. They provide love and education to people so that abandoned animals have a second chance. In the future, I would try and volunteer myself if I didn’t have the means necessary to donate.