My Charity Experience

1. ¬†Through my research for this project, there’s a lot of factors that are important to making the decision about where to invest my money. One of the most important factors to me is their 990 tax form. By looking at their tax forms, you get to see how the company handles their money and where the money you would be investing is going. It gives an investor the chance to make sure that their funds are being used properly and efficiently. Communicating to the charity and talking over the phone is also important because it speaks to their customer service. A charity that takes the time to answer your questions and is sounds happy to help can make a big different when deciding.

2. It’s important to look at a company’s tax forms before investing because you get to see exactly how they manage their money and if they’re using their money how they say they are. You want to make sure your money is getting used in the right way and that it matches how you envisioned your investment to help the company. When looking at the organizations I choose, I saw that one of them, though they had a wonderful mission statement and goal, had tax forms that didn’t reflect what I wanted to see from that company and their sustainability was very very low.

3. I’ve learned that giving away money is something that takes a lot of thought and research. No one wants to give money to just any cause or have it used in the wrong way they intended. Having volunteered a lot in the past, this project has just further projected me into the wonderful opportunities that charity has to offer. There’s a lot of other ways to help a charity other than donating money, donating time can be just as valuable.

4. The charities I chose to research were Ocean Conservancy and Rainforest Alliance. Ocean Conservancy was appealing to me because their mission was to create science based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife that depend on it. I think the ocean is such an immediate resource living in San Diego, CA and we are directly affected by how healthy the ocean is. I also liked the fact that they were taking a science based approach because I am really interested in the sciences field and I feel like it’s a great start to finding a solution for our oceans. Rainforest Alliance seemed like a great option because they’re trying to achieve environmental stability in our rainforests through working with the people who use the forests for their shelter, sustenance, and livelihoods. They are very connected with the people and want to save the rainforest not only for them, but for the other ecosystems that depend on it.

5. The final charity we selected was Environmental Health Coalition. Not only were they close to home with great customer service, but they were handling their money very well according to their 990 form. They offer help to local communities and attempt to tackle lesser known issues that are majorly affecting our local environment. Their 990 form showed that their would be sustainable for a good amount of time, which we thought was important and it also showed that their money from donations were being used properly. Overall, their mission, customer service, and money management skills proved them to be a great candidate.

6. I’m hoping our donation will help local communities because I think change starts right here at home. In the future, I would love to volunteer with not only this organization, but any organization that I feel like has the right intentions for making the world a better place. The up-keep of our environment is extremely important to not only our personal health, but the health of our whole world. Anyway that I can help the environment is a win for me, and for the world.