What I Learned

  1. I learned that companies vary in terms of their revenue, fundraising and expenses. Moreover, these variations further diversify in regards to how efficient each company can raise money. I could approach a company in different ways; I could focus on purely the amount of revenue raised in relation to the total expense, or I could focus on the company’s efficiency as a whole by evaluating the expenses to raise money and the magnitude of its revenue. Personally, I favor the latter approach; it is more holistic and therefore better evaluates the company.
  2. Prior research is instrumental in making an investment to a company; blindly investing in a company is ill-advised because the company could be fraudulent or inefficient in their contributions to their cause. Numbers provide a concrete way to evaluate a company’s efficiency and validity; the various ratios help to determine the extent of its contributions towards their cause. My organizations were very large and consequently had large revenues. Moreover, they were extremely efficient with their cost to raise a dollar, indicating that they are capable of raising large sums of money for very low costs.
  3. I learned that giving money away is a much more arduous task than it seems; you have to make sure the company is credible and will allocate the necessary funds towards their cause. MSP helped me to become more aware of the existence of fraudulent charities and has given me the tools I require to determine whether or not a charity is valid.
  4. I chose the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Cancer Research Institute for the two charities to research. The Gates Foundation focuses on improving the health of people in developing countries, as they do not have the same access to medical resources as people in developed countries. It aims to assist in helping people out of poverty. The Cancer Research Institute focuses on immunotherapy research and clinical trials in order to discover breakthroughs that would lead to a cure for cancer. The Gates Foundation aligns with my belief because it seeks to help those in need, especially those that are unable to access necessary resources. The Cancer Research Institute aligns with my values because I aim to enter cancer treatment as a profession; breakthroughs in immunotherapy would allow me to better treat patients.
  5.  Our group chose to donate to the Scripps Research Institute because it is efficient with managing its funds and puts a large emphasis on medical research. The administrative office was also very nice; they were willing to find a way to meet our group despite their busy schedule. Moreover, it was relatively close compared to the other charities, which was a major factor in determining who to donate money to.
  6. I hope my donation will help the Scripps Ranch Institute find new ways to develop medical technologies to help others. However, the magnitude of our contribution is small in relation to the costs needed to develop these technologies. In the future, I would like to donate more to this company, as many small donations will build up and will hopefully result in a donation large enough to provide substantial funds.