The speakers for Cope and DECA met the expectations of what they represent. I scored both organizations the highest they could be. I am satisfied with what both organizations can and do accomplish. I am apart of DECA so I can assure that what was said is true. They both help people who need what we can offer without thinking twice. Cope offers the simplicity of talking with people in distress. I would tell my parents that it doesn’t take a big donation to make a difference.

What I Learned From My Interview Experience

It was a really good experience to interview Kylee Paradowski, she has put a lot of time into giving  to other people and charities. I learned that no matter what, helping others put’s our own lives into perspective. Not everyone has it as good as we do, and to help them with what they lack or need is a great honor.


It has been extremely easy for me to find the information that is necessary to correctly judge my charity. The information that I need to find in order to consider Feed My Starving Children as a proper investment is thoroughly laid out on the website. I have learned that FMSC donates over 100,000 meals to countries that are in need of food. Its also easy to donate to the meals, it only takes  22 cents per each meal.