a. I interviewed Ellie Yandry for this week. I choose to interview her because I thought it would interesting to get a students perspective on charity and philanthropy and see if they had a different perspective than adults. I learned that she finds charity very important and that giving to others, even when you are younger, can be a rewarding experience.

b. I thought that the speaker, Kevin, who came in for our panel discussion was very interesting. I think he shared some really interesting information with our group. I found it interesting to hear about a charity from an actual member of it instead of just hearing about it online.


I have found it relatively easy to find the information that we need because we learned how to read the 990’s and they are fairly easy to find.

I think that getting a lot of information from websites before you contact the leaders and then asking the leaders of the organization important questions and questions that are going to help your research a lot is very important. There’s a lot of information to be found so it’s important to find the accurate and helpful stuff.

Blog 5

We are doing DECA for our charity. We knew a lot about DECA before, since most people in my group are also in DECA, so our research didn’t reveal very many knew things. They are a good place to put our money however, because we know exactly where it’s going, and what it will be used for. Looking at the numbers before making an investment is always a good idea because then you know what will happen to your money once you invest it.

Blog Post #2

I learned that my group really likes to travel and is into either watching or playing sports.

We have not picked a fundraiser yet but we are thinking something to do with health or hunger.

When I told 3 people about MSP they said that it sounded interesting and that they wanted to know more about what we were doing.

We thought about supporting the local branch of Love Your Melon or something to do with hunger, but we want to do something hopefully other than the food pantry.

We hope to fund raise a lot in the community as well as in school to make sure we’re reaching the most people we can with the money we raise.