1. Both group’s speakers met my expectation of the organization they represent. They did an excellent job explaining what their group’s purpose was and how they would allocate funds.
  2. I am satisfied with the charities we have chosen to research. They have all been outstanding examples of how a charity should be run.
  3. I can teach them to review the organization’s 990s prior to donating.


a.     Describe your experience interviewing a family member, mentor or friend.  Why did you interview the person?  What did you learn from the conversation?

I interviewed them because they were someone with an extensive amount of life experience and insight. I learned their perspective of life and various aspects related to life.

b.      What did you think of your panel member discussion? —  Kevin Kirst from Stars & Stripes Honor Flight.

I thought Kevin was a great speaker. He had a solid understanding of Honor Flight and most importantly – direct experience participating in numerous flights. He is able to convey just how much these flights mean to veterans and the positive experiences associated with it.


  1. I am finding it easy to evaluate non-profit organizations for a potential investment because the resources we have been provided make the screening process very easy.
  2. I have learned that evaluating an investment in a charity is important so you know where your money is really going and how it is being used.


  1. I did not learn anything new about DECA except that it is considered a charitable organization.
  2. It is important to review numbers to ensure the charitable source is ethical and makes good use of donated funds.
  3.  (Not relevant)

Blog 3

Creating a mission, vision and purpose was a unique experience that allowed our group to establish a custom formed organization fit to our standards. These established guidelines will help remind us of our purpose and goals. I expect we will encounter success and appreciation as we reach out to our prospective organization over the coming weeks.

Blog Post II

a) I learned about my group member’s interests and philosophies.
b) We are still in progress of deciding our fundraiser.

2. People were interested in hearing more about MSP as they had not previously heard of this organization.

3. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

4. We are still in progress of deciding our fundraiser.