Both DECA and COPE exceeded my expectations. All their money goes where we thought it would not not a lot goes to the people in charge. I am satisfied with researching the American Foundation for Suicide prevention because it is a worthy cause, and they give their money where they say they do. I can teach my parents how to check a 990 form before giving to a charity so they know how to tell if it is reputable or not.

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I interviewed my mom because her life/upbringing was a lot different and much tougher than mine was. I thought she would bring a different approach to how money impacts life. One thing I learned from this interview is that my mom believes that you should take care of your needs first so you can better take care of others. I thought the panel discussion was very interesting. Mr. Kirst was very passionate about the flights, and you could tell he had been changed by the people he had helped.


Once I learned how the navigate the 990 form, it was very simple to evaluate the charity. I looked at the 990 for the American Foundation for Suicide prevention and it listed how much they eared, what their expenses were, and how much they paid each employee. I think knowing how to read a 990 for is extremely important because it enables you to determine if a charity is reputable and to see if the money they earn is going to the people in need rather than the CEO of the charity.

MSP Blog #2

When we did the paper bag activity, I learned that my group had a broad range of interests, but the most common was spending time with friends and family as well as traveling and pets. We haven’t decided exactly which fundraiser we will do, or when our fundraising will occur, but we know we would like to d something pertaining to military, veterans, and families of these service personnel.
When I told people about MSP they were extremely interested in both what it was, and which charities we were helping. They said they were interested in hearing more about the program.
An example of a charity we would like to help would be an organization like the Fisher House, which is a military based charity with a location in Wisconsin.