1. I interviewed my mom because I look up to her as a person and for her community involvement. From the conversation I learned she makes a difference in the classroom because she is a teacher. It is rewarding for her to see the first graders transition from being unable to read in the fall to reading chapter books in the spring. She helps increase the literacy of our community for future generations. Charitable giving and community service has made her feel more empathetic. It is important to get involved in charitable giving and community service to learn the value of having to work for what you want. Some tips to a joyful life she had were: compromise, work hard, and set goals.
  2. I enjoyed Kevin Kirst’s speech on the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight because he proved how genuine the organization is. I loved how he gave background stories from the veterans on their trips. I think it would be a great organization to donate to because they scored a 15 on the rating chart.


I think it is easy to evaluate non-profit organizations for a potential investment in their cause because the 1,2,3 scale helps determine an organization’s overall score. It is easy to tell which category they fit in, and if they’re a 3, it is clearly a quality organization to invest in. If an organization spends a majority of its money on the mission, not paying employees, it is generally ethical.

I learned it is extremely important to evaluate an investment because you don’t want your money to go to an unethical cause. You need to ask members of the organization’s board about their revenue, expenses, and purpose.

Blog Post 3

Our team name is Helping Health, and I am investigating Love Your Melon. Our group found it relatively easy to create the vision and purpose statements. Our purpose is to serve our community by improving public health. The vision statement is, “We envision raising funds to fulfill the wishes of children in need.” The mission statement took a little more thought because it required the steps of our fundraiser to be planned out in advance.

1. Start researching local non-profit organizations that support concerns and causes     our team wants to address.
2. Contact cause (Children’s Hospital)
3. Plan fundraising strategies
4. Host event
5. Contact cause to discuss finalization
6. Fulfill donation

As a group, we would like to reach out to Children’s Hospital in the coming weeks. I would expect them to be on board with any fundraising due to the fact that the money would go towards helping the children’s wishes come true.

Blog Post #2

From the paper bag activity, I learned that all of my group members like to travel. Personally, I learned that each person has different things that are important to them. Sometimes you will have the same interests as others, and sometimes you will not.

Our group wants to do a fundraiser to benefit a world health organization, but we are not exactly sure which idea we will choose yet.

After telling three people about MSP, they were all very interested and thought it seemed like a great program. They asked what fundraisers the groups will be doing and how much they have made in the past.

We are debating working with Children’s Hospital, Love Your Melon, or the food pantry.