1.        Did the speakers (Cope & DECA) meet the expectations of the organization they represent?  Refer to how you scored their presentation.

Yes, they met my expectations, and I enjoy what the organizations are about.

2.       Are you satisfied with the charities you have decided to research?  Why or Why not?

Yes, I am aware of the charities so that’s why I’m satisfied. It makes it easier to dive into the research when you know something about what you’re researching.

3.       What can you teach your parents about their own charitable giving.

I can teach them to really learn more about the charity before they give to it.


  1. The organizations we met with last time did meet the expectations I had for them. Both scored very well.
  2. I am satisfied with the charities because I know they are both organizations that do strive to achieve their goal and mission statement.
  3. I can teach my parents how to investigate certain charities to make sure our money is going to the right place.


The speakers for Cope and DECA met the expectations of what they represent. I scored both organizations the highest they could be. I am satisfied with what both organizations can and do accomplish. I am apart of DECA so I can assure that what was said is true. They both help people who need what we can offer without thinking twice. Cope offers the simplicity of talking with people in distress. I would tell my parents that it doesn’t take a big donation to make a difference.


Both DECA and COPE exceeded my expectations. All their money goes where we thought it would not not a lot goes to the people in charge. I am satisfied with researching the American Foundation for Suicide prevention because it is a worthy cause, and they give their money where they say they do. I can teach my parents how to check a 990 form before giving to a charity so they know how to tell if it is reputable or not.


  1. Both group’s speakers met my expectation of the organization they represent. They did an excellent job explaining what their group’s purpose was and how they would allocate funds.
  2. I am satisfied with the charities we have chosen to research. They have all been outstanding examples of how a charity should be run.
  3. I can teach them to review the organization’s 990s prior to donating.


  1. I interviewed my mom because she was a lot like me when she was younger and helped out with a lot of organizations. I learned that she helped out with the special Olympics at her local YWCA
  2. I though it was a very good panel member discussion.


a.     Describe your experience interviewing a family member, mentor or friend.  Why did you interview the person?  What did you learn from the conversation?

I interviewed them because they were someone with an extensive amount of life experience and insight. I learned their perspective of life and various aspects related to life.

b.      What did you think of your panel member discussion? —  Kevin Kirst from Stars & Stripes Honor Flight.

I thought Kevin was a great speaker. He had a solid understanding of Honor Flight and most importantly – direct experience participating in numerous flights. He is able to convey just how much these flights mean to veterans and the positive experiences associated with it.

What I Learned From My Interview Experience

It was a really good experience to interview Kylee Paradowski, she has put a lot of time into giving  to other people and charities. I learned that no matter what, helping others put’s our own lives into perspective. Not everyone has it as good as we do, and to help them with what they lack or need is a great honor.


  1. I interviewed my mom because I look up to her as a person and for her community involvement. From the conversation I learned she makes a difference in the classroom because she is a teacher. It is rewarding for her to see the first graders transition from being unable to read in the fall to reading chapter books in the spring. She helps increase the literacy of our community for future generations. Charitable giving and community service has made her feel more empathetic. It is important to get involved in charitable giving and community service to learn the value of having to work for what you want. Some tips to a joyful life she had were: compromise, work hard, and set goals.
  2. I enjoyed Kevin Kirst’s speech on the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight because he proved how genuine the organization is. I loved how he gave background stories from the veterans on their trips. I think it would be a great organization to donate to because they scored a 15 on the rating chart.

Blog Post

I interviewed my mom because her life/upbringing was a lot different and much tougher than mine was. I thought she would bring a different approach to how money impacts life. One thing I learned from this interview is that my mom believes that you should take care of your needs first so you can better take care of others. I thought the panel discussion was very interesting. Mr. Kirst was very passionate about the flights, and you could tell he had been changed by the people he had helped.