12/ 9/ 14

Philanthropy is the “Love of Humanity”. Our group’s mission is to fund supplies to help animals have better lives. We have identified 5 charities that were in our interests: The SD Humane Society, Project Wildlife, P.A.W.S. SD, Second Chance Dog Rescue, and The Helen Woodward Animal Center. Our team has chosen to donate 100% of our money to the SD Humane Society because their mission statement matched ours the best and they were the only organization that answered our phone call! We also looked at their 990 Tax Form from 2012 and their score was 13/15. Along with this quantitative rating, one answer we got from the question, “If you could change on thing about the organization, what would it be?” was that she would be happy if the organization went out of business. Our team really likes that answer because it shows her passion for the job that she has, which supports our mission.

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