Our Mission to keep it 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is philanthropy?
Philanthropy is when you donate or invest into important causes.
What is our mission statement?
Our team’s purpose is to help the hungry people in our community.
What charities did we identify?
We found the San Diego food bank (their mission is to provide food to people and to connect to the people they serve to a range of health and human service providers), Feeding America (mission to end hunger through healthy food and education), and the Salvation Army. They all give food to the needy.
How did we rate them?
Feeding America was rated 12/15 and the San Diego food bank was 13/15. So they were both relatively good. Even though we called them and left messages they did not respond to our calls.
How much do we want to donate to them?
We would like to donate 50% of our profits to each charity

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