11/25/14 class

In this week’s class we discussed ideas for the tournament and decided each of us should at least get ONE donation of some sort. So… the tournament flyers are out, I think, so all we have to do is find donations and get the supplies ready for the tournament. I think this is going pretty well because people are actually willing to play in the tournament. I tried calling organizations that work for environmental protection, and for one of them, I couldn’t figure out which number to dial for donations so I just skipped it. I’m figuring out that this interview is actually really hard to get. Most organizations didn’t pick up, but when one did, I was told to do a little research before asking for answers. I’ve gotten one call back that is actually willing to do the interview, but the only free time is NEXT Tuesday. I think I might have to have the interview during class, otherwise, I could call him before class starts and have the interview there. Setting up times for an interview is far harder than I thought it would be, but hopefully this one interview will go well and I can have at least one organization to donate to. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to see what the next class will be about.

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