11/25/14 class

In this week’s class we discussed ideas for the tournament and decided each of us should at least get ONE donation of some sort. So… the tournament flyers are out, I think, so all we have to do is find donations and get the supplies ready for the tournament. I think this is going pretty well because people are actually willing to play in the tournament. I tried calling organizations that work for environmental protection, and for one of them, I couldn’t figure out which number to dial for donations so I just skipped it. I’m figuring out that this interview is actually really hard to get. Most organizations didn’t pick up, but when one did, I was told to do a little research before asking for answers. I’ve gotten one call back that is actually willing to do the interview, but the only free time is NEXT Tuesday. I think I might have to have the interview during class, otherwise, I could call him before class starts and have the interview there. Setting up times for an interview is far harder than I thought it would be, but hopefully this one interview will go well and I can have at least one organization to donate to. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to see what the next class will be about.


Today we called the organizations that we had on our list. Christian, Amina, and Amber tried to call their organizations but no one answered. I enjoyed when Christian called his organization and we thought that she would think that we prank called her.

Today’s Class!

I think today’s class was the best! I made my first phone call to a non-profit organization! The Humane Society did’nt pick up so, we called Project WildLife…

I had to do a voice mail so I chose the voice mail script. Every one said I did fine(I guess I did okay!)! But I thought I would do better to read off the script than to rather “make up” my own script as I go…




So yeah that was my day!


Today class

Today to me was a little weird because  we did the calling.

November 18, 2014

This week we discussed the fundraising tournament in more detail. We also talked together as a group about calling organizations we researched to make an appointment more an interview. Hopefully by next week I will have interviewed at least one organization that is good enough to donate to.


Today in class we discussed a little bit about the fundraising tournament and then we talked about how to call an organization to set up an interview. Some of my group mates called in front of the whole group. We then went onto the computer room to research more organizations and to blog. I had a lot of fun in class for sure!

Ready for my first call!

I am excited for my first call. I want it to go sucessful and smooth.

My First Call!!!

Today was very exciting we started calling charities for the first time. I was very nervous but I did okay for my first time especially when I was the first one up. I just cant wait to see what we will do next!


Today in class we discussed how we were going to fundraise. We decided on doing a golf tournament as one big group. After a long discussion, we went to the computers to research some organizations that contribute to the cause we are trying to help. So far, my team only has about 3-4 options, but we are going to do some more research. That’s pretty much it so until next time. 🙂

Having a Blast!

Finding a charity to work with can be hard, but with enough research you can find what your looking for. Also coming up with ways to fund money can be difficult when working with a group.

Till next time