Week 8: This week we were given the task to interview a family member, mentor or friend. I chose to interview my mother who grew up in Connecticut. When I asked her about what her life was like as a child she told me about her times on her family farm with her pony named Alice. She said that now a days it had become much more urban and less rural. As money advice goes my mother told me that I need to make my own money and not always live off of my parents earnings. I thought this was an interesting experience because I learned things about my mother I did not yet know.


Week 9: Today was a tremendous day with lots of excitement. We started our journey at the quantum house where we learned about how they were helping residents at the hospital. I was glad to meet some of the families because the house originally seemed empty. Then we visited our site where captain T was helping a veteran. I thought it was very moving because he just went out of his way to make a difference and asked for nothing in return despite his time invested. Then we visited the palm beach county food bank where we had a great lunch. Thanks again. Then we ended our endeavor at Peggy Adams where we learned a lot and had a chance to see some neat animals.

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