The End of Our Journey

Looking back at the very first Philanthropy class, I am proud to say we have all come incredibly far.  When I first heard about the things we were going to be doing and the money that we would have to raise, I didn’t think we would be able to do it.  At first, I thought this was completely impossible for a bunch of students to accomplish.  It was only after visiting the charities when I finally realized…we did it.  We actually made a difference.

Our first stop on our journey was my groups charity, the Quantum House.  Words can’t explain how amazing it felt to be standing next to my group while holding this big check.  Everyone was so welcoming and from the moment you walk through the doors, you feel like you are at home.  This was one of my favorite parts about the Quantum House-  they try their best to make you feel comfortable.  Even though some of these children may have been sick, they never made them feel that way.  The house never gave them a “hospital” feel, which is great.  There were bedrooms, playrooms, boardgames, etc. I think it is so important for the patients to feel normal.  They aren’t different from anyone else, and they shouldn’t have to feel like outsiders.  It was difficult to see or hear stories without crying, but Quantum House gives people a reason to hold on and keep going- even when they feel as if all hope is lost.  We raised $1,017.16. I couldn’t have done this without my groups help and the guidance from our fellow Philanthropists.  Thank you so much for everything.  This was an experience that I will never forget.

The second stop was the operation troop support.  This area had a completely different feel to it.  While driving around the area, we could immediately tell that these houses were not homes.  I thought it was amazing how there were so many workers that were helping build these new homes.  When we arrived, they gave us a quick tour and told us about what it used to be like before they began working on it.  Although they are still in the process of making it feel more like a home for the veterans, I think they have come so far in the work they have already done.  I truly think it was amazing that George and his group chose this organization.  It is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The third stop was Scripps.  The campus was beyond beautiful and the workers were extremely friendly towards us.  Since we were running on a tight schedule, we received a quick tour and heard more about the different laboratories/lab equipment.  The group presented them with their check and began to take pictures.  It was so great to see how happy they were.

The fourth place we visited was the Palm Beach Country food bank.  This was one of my favorite visits.  I really enjoyed this visit because the workers were extremely kind and they played us a video regarding the countless amount of children who go to bed hungry every night.  It was definitely an eye-opening video that I will never forget.  I think we all tend to forget how essential food, water, and all of our everyday “basic” foods are.  They showed us where they keep the food and how they send it out to families in need.  This is something that I would definitely want to do over the summer or whenever I have spare time.  After leaving the food bank, I realized how happy it must make these families when they see that people truly do care.  It really taught me to cherish the little things in life because it can happen to any of us, which is why it was so great to see all of the workers talk so passionately about their topic.

The final place we visited was Peggy Adams Animal Shelter.  Although I worked with Peggy Adams a little over the summer, it was still great to be back! The ladies showed us around the shelter and brought us closer to the dogs/kittens.  My favorite part about this shelter is that they never euthanize the dog-  even if the dog has been there for years.  It was very comforting to know that they never harm any animals or put them to sleep when they have no where else to be.  This was a very important organization because unlike humans, animals can’t speak their minds.  It was great seeing the group speak on behalf of the animals at the shelter.


This class has taught me lessons that I thought I would never be able to learn.  It taught me that it is essential to give back to your community, connect with others, and that nothing is impossible.  We aren’t too small to make a big difference on the world.  With love, time, devotion, and help from our friends or family…anything is possible.

2014-05-21 09.55.30

For the Philanthropy team that we had the pleasure of working with…

Thank you so much for making this possible for us.

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