Week 8: The Charities

Yesterday the main street philanthropy class and I had the pleasure of visiting each and every organization that we were donating to. We started bright and early, leaving school at 9 a.m from school. First we visited The Quantum House. We started by enjoying a nice breakfast and listening to the formation of the organization from the leader. We then were led on a tour throughout the whole facility. The most touching moment was listening to both the patient and mother of the patient. The girl was suffering from a birth defect and it was truly touching listening to both of their stories. Next we visited Operation Troop Support, where we met a Vietnam veteran. We then were led throughout his house that they built for him, because he was “homeless”. They have plans to remodel the house next to him, for family and friends to visit him. This organization seems like it really cares about Veterans re-entering into society. Next we visited Scripps Research facility. I didn’t realize how massive the facility was, and that it contained a graduate school. We started the tour by visiting a small MRI room, then continued on throughout the facility. The biologists and chemists are separated in buildings but still collaborate on projects and drugs. We ended the tour with the presenting of the check. Next we visited Palm Beach County Food Bank, where we traveled through what seemed like Antarctica. The freezers were so cold it made the 40 degree coolers seem hot. After receiving a chilling tour from the director we ended the visit with a pleasant lunch. The distribution of food is one of the largest I have ever seen by a food bank. Million pounds of food are distributed yearly. Finally we visited my own organization, Peggy Adams. We started the tour by seeing tiny kittens and cats. Next we continued on, to the dog section where we saw some loud barking furry friends. We ended the tour with the presenting of the check. I truly think my group and I made a smart decision in donating to Peggy Adams.

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