Visiting the Charities

This week, we all had the privilege to visit five different charities, which would go on to become the recipients of our donations. The first stop in the morning was the Quantum House. It was great to see and hear all about what happens inside the house, as well as getting to meet some patients who stay in the home. Next, we visited Capt. Terpin of Operation Troop Support. My group had decided to give to this foundation because we could tell they loved to give back, and that is what we saw today as they built a home for a former soldier in Vietnam. Next, we went to visit the Scripps research facilities. It was interesting to see the labs where they did there research. Soon after seeing Scripps, we went on to go see the Palm Beach County Food Bank. I was amazed at how much food they had there, but more importantly, I was impressed by how much the food they donate helps the community. Lastly, we went to visit Peggy Adams. It was a great tour and they had some cool animals there, such as Boris. All in all a great day.

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