Week 9

Today was our second to last class and we went on a field trip to the different organizations. I feel like just last week we started this project. It felt amazing to deliver the check to the palm beach county food bank and see how thrilled they were to have us. I have never been to their facility so it was very nice to get a tour and see what they do 🙂 I really enjoyed quantum house because i volunteer there often but it was great to hear the girls story. It was sad to hear about all the pain she was going through but at the same time it was joyful because she is being taken care of by the quantum house. Operation troop support was nice to visit the house and see the progress in action. I liked how we actually saw the work being done. Scripps was very interesting to tour and it was amazing to hear about all the different diseases that they are trying to cure! Of course Peggy Adams was very fun to visit because the animals are absolutely adorable! I loved seeing all the kittens and all the dogs that they had for adoption. I am very glad that we took the trip today to visit all the organizations and it was very rewarding to give our check to our group. I am very proud of my group for donating the most money! I am so happy that the money was donated to the food bank and I know it is going to a great cause. Next week is our last class and I can’t wait ! 🙂

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