Blog Post 8:

We have decided to donate the money we raised to the Quantum House. Team Healing HeARTS came to its final decision on a qualitative manner. After the panel discussion we were really able to see the kind of work they do at the House. The amount of families they are able to touch and serve during difficult moments in their life is unparalleled. When Ms. Roberta shared the stories about families connecting while living at the house was heartwarming. Two families where staying at the House while a child of theirs was in the hospital. The two mother’s were washing laundry when the one started to say how she doesn’t know why such a thing would happen to her family or how she was going to lived like this. The second mother began to comfort her and told her to look at her son. When he first got sick she felt the same way. They have had to adjust, but her and her little boy are doing okay. She told the mother that life is going to be different, but it is still going to be great. The mothers had formed a bond during that moment and while during their stay at the Quantum House. She added that the two families are still in touch and both are living their lives happily. Stories like this are what pulled us in. If we can help create more happy endings like this then we will do all we can to make it happen. The Quantum House is also financially stable, which is a bonus. However, the final decisions as based off of the quality of work they do at the House. All of the funds we raised will be given to the Quantum House and we will allow them to use the money towards what they think is appropriate.

It has not been the easiest thing to work with a group on a project like this. We hit a few rough patches in the beginning due to lack of communication, which made it difficult to make team decisions. We planned fundraisers that never happened, shared awesome ideas, none of which happened. However, after some discussion, we were able to work out the issues and became stronger as a team. We all worked better to communicate with one another. We made sure that our fundraisers happened and that they were successful. As the project begins to dwindle down, I can happily say that we reached our goal and became a powerful group.

I believe that next week is going to be an amazing experience. I have never been able to donate to an organization in such a manner. I am confident that all the organizations that we are donating to will be thrilled. I cannot wait to present the final check and see how much money we were able to raise as a class.


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