Blog Week 8 (Pampered Chef Show @ The Quantum House!)

This past Sunday, Sophia and I went to the Quantum House and held a Pampered Chef show – a company that sells cooking products and tools. In these parties, the consultant shows off the cooking products by cooking with them. None of our customers (Aside from Ms. Lori, Ms. Allegra, and my mom) actually came to the show, but we had several online orders that pushed us over the amount of money we needed to reach our goal of $300. However, a lack of physically present customers did not stop the event from being a huge success.

The consultant (Ms. Karen Sims), Sophia, Ms. Lori, Ms. Allegra and myself had an amazing time cooking lunch for the families. We made barbecue meatballs, grilled cheese, chicken, strawberry salad, angel-food pineapple cakes and chocolate lava cake. Sophia, I have to say, is much more experienced with cooking than I am so she had an easier time than I did, but I enjoyed learning (sort of) how to cook, and definitely appreciate the difficulty of it more than I had before now. More rewarding than learning how to cook, though, was seeing the huge smiles on the faces of the children and adults in The Quantum House as they enjoyed our meals.It made the fact that they are the best choice we could’ve made for a charity even more solid in our groups choice of charity.

I have photos of the lava cake and our teams name up on the chalkboard, but they’re apparently too big for the program 🙁 Luckily, that is the only sad thing about this entire amazing experience.

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