(Make up posts) Blog Week 4: 990 Forms

Our group, Healing HeARTs, is focused on children’s medical care. Sarah made contact with the Quantum House, an organization that provides housing, food, and moral support to families during the long term medical treatment of their children. The Quantum House representatives were extremely interested in our group and our mission, and responded very positively. Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, another one of our original interests, never answered our phone call.

During the last class, we learned all about 990 forms and how difficult and complicated it can be to understand and manage the financial problems and information of any business, especially a nonprofit organization. However, with the help of our lovely, wonderful philanthropy teachers, we were able to learn how to understand and make sense of the 990 forms, which was an essentially important part of our decision of what charity we would come to choose. Understanding 990 forms not only gives you a businesses current standing, but it also helps you predict the businesses theoretical (and statistically proven) future. This is very helpful in the process of choosing a good charity to donate to – a charity that will use our money well and will help the most people with it.

We learned that the Quantum House is very stable and would be able to survive for more than a year with its current financial standing, which is very healthy for a small nonprofit. At this point, we had all but decided to choose the Quantum Houe as our charity.

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