Week 8 experience & Interview special

I’ll start off with this week’s post by reviewing the “Pampered Chef” fundraiser Healing HeARTs had last weekend (May 3rd). Haley and I arrived at the Quantum House on Sunday Morning with Ms. Denison, Ms. Asplundh-Smith, and Ms. Sims (our Philanthropy teachers and the Pampered Chef representative respectively). Our fundraiser mainly involved us preparing and cooking the food with Pampered Chef tools for the Quantum House residents; while also promoting the products to sell since we’d get a portion for our group. The dishes we prepared were: barbecue meatballs, strawberry almond/feta salad, extra crispy grilled cheese sandwiches (yum!), Herbs de Provence chicken, pineapple angel food cake, and chocolate lava cake. šŸ™‚ We had a great time, and I really enjoyed cooking for the Quantum House. With this fundraiser, we have met our >$300 goal. Yay!

Onto another assignment:

This week’s homework was to interview a family member, mentor or friend. I decided to interview my dad. Through my entire life, I have constantly heard stories about his upbringing from his siblings and himself. He has written a few stories about his experiences, so I’ve learned just about almost everything, but I still find myself learning more about him all the time.

My dad grew up in Hue, Vietnam during theĀ Cold War. He left Vietnam a few days before the Fall of Saigon (April 30th, 1975). As a child, he grew up in a lower class household with a single mother and multiple siblings. His mom always emphasized the importance of an education, especially a college one, something she never had the chance of attaining. After arriving in the United States, my dad started his bachelor’s degree from scratch (he was in the middle of his degree while in Vietnam) and completed it four years later.

When it comes to charitable organizations, we as a family usually give our old clothes orĀ furnitureĀ to Faith Farms or any similar organization.

That concludes my “special” post. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post when the Oxbridge Philanthropy Groups deliver the checks to our chosen organizations! šŸ™‚

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