Blog Post 7:

Interviewing a family member was rather interesting. I chose to interview my older sister. The reason I chose to interview her is because she is in college and I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience. I really enjoyed her answer for the question concerning what young people should know about money. She shared that money does not grow on trees. It is something that you need to work for and earn. Learn to establish a budget were you are allocating money to various things needed: i.e savings, food, living, fun stuff, etc. Learn the difference between want and need. I thought that creating a budget was a useful and realistic piece of advice. As I go to college in just two months money is going to be limited. In order to manage, I will need to create a budget for myself. I had never really thought to do this before. In addition I was intrigued by what serious problem she would like to fix. When I asked her this question she knew immediately what she was passionate about. She believes that we need to care more about children in foster care and in orphanages. These children do not get to decide the life they are born into. She believes that every chid deserves a chance. Everyone should have equal opportunities in the world and we should all have someone who loves us. I never would have thought of such an idea, but I liked hearing her thoughts about this concern of hers. From our conversation I learned that it is important for individuals to work together in life. In addition, I learned that as you grow up and transition into being an adult and supporting yourself, it is important to stay on a budget. You need to learn to spend money on necessities so that you can have money to share with charities or foundations that are important to you.

This was a fun experience and I really enjoyed it. My sister did not know what she was in for when I called her, but we ended up having a great conversation and I was able to learn a lot about her values in life.


Responses to questions:

  1. I grew up in West Palm Beach. From what I can remember, as a kid, things were much less developed then they are now. The Wellington Mall did not exist and living in Wellington was like living out in Belle Glade. Many roads were lined with trees. As I have grown up, the population has migrated westward, buildings have shot up, and life is a lot busier now then it was when I was younger.
  2. An experience that changed my life would have to be when my dad was diagnosed with Diverticulitis a few years ago. This was a very stressful time for my family and I was able to learn that everything happens for a reason and that you cannot take things for granted. Anything can happen at any time. I also learned to be prepared for anything that life may throw my way. We will experience tough times, but if we believe we can overcome them, we surely can. Staying positive and hopeful are definitely key.
  3. From what I remember as a kid my parents made the family financial decisions together. They sent us to private schools and provide us with what we needed. My siblings and I did not receive an allowance and we had to work for everything. We were not just given everything we wanted. As I grew older I started babysitting and finding ways to make my own money, which helped me be able to buy things I wanted. Now that I am in college, I am on a budget. My parents send me some money, but for the most part I support myself financially with the money earned from my two jobs. My parents still pay for my car, all insurances, and other important things. I pay for things like gas, food (not at college- eating out), clothes, and other fun things that are not necessary.
  4. Money does not grow on trees. It is something that you need to work for and earn. Establish a budget were you are allocating money to various things needed: i.e savings, food, living, fun stuff, etc. Learn the difference between want and need.
  5. Unicef, Catholic Heart Work Camp, Peers Cares at FGCU, Abuse Counseling Treatment Center, Healthy Families of America, Children Home Society, Big Heart Brigade
  6. Charitable giving and community service have given my life more value. They have helped me learn to appreciate everything I have and they have helped me learn the importance of helping other people. Both valuable lessons for life.
  7. It is important for the young people of today because we are all citizens and we need to work together for the bettering of everyone. We all have responsibilities as members of our communities and it is important that we fulfill these duties.
  8. A problem I would like to fix in the world today is adoption. This is important to me because these children are vulnerable and they were born into situations that they did not choose. I feel that it is only fair for them to have a chance to live a good life and to feel wanted and loved.
  9. I made a meaningful difference in my school community as a Resident Assistant. I was able to assist my residents and help them with questions and problems. I also helped make my residents feel welcomed and to enjoy their experience in on campus housing. I made sure to be flexible and friendly and to always put the needs of my residents first.
  10. wake up early, make the most of every day, be positive, smile, pray, work hard, do things you enjoy, spend time with family and friends, buy a dog- dogs are great, go on vacations, go to college, earn a degree in something that makes you happy, work at a job that you like and then it won’t feel like a job, stay healthy, work out

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