Blog Post 6:

I really enjoyed the last class as we all had the opportunity to hear more about the different non-profits our class is working with.  It was really great to hear about the many different organizations and their visions for the future.  Peggy Adam’s really left an impact on me towards the end of class.  His heartwarming stories about the animals made me feel closer to the animals there.  Everyone from the different organizations seemed truly passionate about what they do and this made me really happy.

Ms. Roberta, from the Quantum House, shared a great deal of information with us.  They may not be on a huge budget and only have limited room for families, but they accomplish a lot.  They change lives-big and small.  We could all see the success the house is doing just through the stories Ms. Roberta shared with us.  The Quantum house gives others a warm, welcoming place to stay.  I really admire how hard they work in making the place feel just like home. The Quantum House  definitely shares a similar Mission, Purpose, and Vision with our group. It is financially stable and are under great leadership. My team and I are more than excited to continue working with the Quantum House. We cannot wait for the day that we get to present them with a check of the money we have raised.

Our groups first fundraiser was a Family Fun Night at PDQ. We had a great turn out and raised just about $200. It was great seeing some teachers and students from Oxbridge coming and supporting our fundraiser.  We also have two other fundraisers coming up- a garage sale and a Pampered Chef show at the Quantum House. We are really happy with our results so far and we continue to work hard in raising our money!

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