Family Interview

For the Family Member/Mentor/Friend Interview assignment, I chose my mom to answer a few of the questions below.

1. Where did you grow up, and how were things different then than they are today?

-“I grew up in Bronx, New York.  There were no computers, no video games, no cellphones, etc.   You would have to find something to do outside with friends (hopscotch, wiffle ball, etc.).  It definitely gave us a chance to get to know each other better and become more involved with what was going on outside in the real world, rather than staying cooped up inside on the internet.”

2. What was an experience you had as a young person that changed your life? What lessons did you learn from that experience?

-“When I was younger, I had to take care of my younger siblings.  Being the oldest sibling out of 4 children, I never had much time to myself.  I spent a lot of time helping out around the house and taking care of my brother and two younger sisters.  It definitely made me more independent.”

3. How were money matters handled in your family growing up?

-“My father handled all of the money.  He would make sure to split everything equally between his four children.”

4. What are some lessons about money that a young person should know?

-“Remember to save for your future.  Don’t spend on things that aren’t necessities.”

5. What are some organizations or causes you have supported or that you now support with your charitable giving and/or community service?

-“When I lived in New York, I gave many donations over the years to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.”

6. What are some ways that charitable giving and community service have made your life better?

-“It was definitely a good feeling knowing that I was making an impact on people’s lives.”

7. What are some reasons you think it’s important that young people today get involved in charitable giving and community service?

-“It is a very selfless thing to do.  It truly shows that you have a good heart/compassion for others.”

8. If you could fix one serious problem in the world today, what would that be? Explain why that area of concern is so important to you.

-“Cancer in young teens (and adults too, for that matter). It is something that upsets us all.  It is also something we have yet to find a cure for, but it is awful to see young children going through so much pain.  No one should have to go through something like that and it is something I wish we could find a solution to.”

9. Tell me about a time when it felt like you made a meaningful difference in someone’s life, or in your community, or in our country.

-“When I used to work in NYC, I gave money/food to the injured veterans.  There was this one guy I would see every morning on the way to work, and I would bring him breakfast or give him money before walking into my office building.  I like to think that such a simple act like that had an impact on his life.  It may be only one person, but knowing I put a smile on his face made me really happy.”

10. In your opinion, what are some secrets to a joyful and fulfilling life?

-“Creating a family, for sure.  Teaching them to not only love and respect others, but to also give back.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone goes through hard times, but it is important to recognize this.  Giving back and helping those in need is what brings us all together.”


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