Week 7 experience

We’re at the second to last week of the Main Street Philanthropy Course. 🙁 Which means we only have a few weeks to collect the donations for our Quantum House fundraiser.

Thankfully, we will be having a garage sale at Sarah’s sometime in the following weeks; along with a “Pampered Chef” show at the Quantum House on Sunday, May 4th at 1pm. We will be cooking for the Quantum House guests, and everyone and anyone is invited to attend our fundraiser and maybe buy some things for the Quantum House kitchen and for themselves. 🙂 The lady selling the items will give a portion of her sales to our group’s cause.

During class this week, we Skype called Stanford-Burnham, a medical research institute with a location in Orlando. Stanford-Burnham’s Orlando location focuses mainly on Diabetes and Cancer (Breast and Prostate) research. They talked about their organization as a whole and their funding, including a $275 million gift from an individual, the largest single donation in San Diego County (Stanford-Burnham’s HQ is in La Jolla, CA).


Next week is our last week, and then we will drive to our chosen organizations to donate the money we’ve raised. 🙂 Can’t wait!



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