Blog 6

Our class last week was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to hear more about the different non-profits our class is working with. Ms. Roberta, from the Quantum House, shared information with us about what the house is about. It was wonderful to hear the stories about the friendships and connections that have come out of the house. I could see the success the house is doing just through the stories Ms. Roberta shared with us. While they are not on a huge budget and only have limited room for families to stay, they still accomplish a ton. They help families whose children are undergoing medical treatment feel more at home, providing living quarters, food, laundry rooms, and so on. Their goal is for the families who are there to have money be their last concern. The Quantum House shares a similar Mission, Purpose, and Vision with our group. It is financially stable and are under great leadership. Team Healing HeARTS is excited and eager to continue working with the Quantum House. We cannot wait for the day that we get to present them with a check of the money we have raised.

Moving on the he fundraising side of things, we are moving along great. Our first fundraiser was a Family Fun Night at PDQ. We had a great turn out and in turn raised just about $200. We have two other fundraisers coming up; a garage sale and a Pampered Chef show at the Quantum House. In addition, we have a potential fundraiser that may come about, but is not set in stone yet. However, at this point in time we are feeling pretty great!


Team Healing HeARTS with a family who is currently staying at the Quantum House who showed up to our fundraiser!

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