Blog Post 5

Although I was not here for this class, my teammates filled me in on everything I missed.  They told me about how they discussed the work of the other groups to see how everyone was doing.  It was a chance to finally hear what everyone else has either done already, or planned out for the future.  After this, the class went back into talking about the organizations that each group has contacted.  We learned more information about the different strategies and ways to determine whether or not these are reputable organizations.  After a good amount of research, my group and I decided to choose the Quantum house.  It is not only local, but they have also done some great things in the past.  When I was in the Key Club, I had the privilege to work with them and organize events, clean around the house, and cook for them.  It is amazing what they have done for these kids, and being there definitely allows you to become more involved in what is going on.  I am very happy to hear that my group has chosen this organization for our Philanthropy project.

Along with the many different organizations, my group caught me up on what was talked about towards the end of the class.  They talked about how we must all be putting in an equal amount of work.  They asked questions such as “Are your teammates working well together?” “Is one person doing most of the work?” and “What else could your team improve on?”  I think everyone has been putting in their fair shares.  I think it is amazing what some of my classmates have accomplished in such a short period of time.  Although we all work well together, many of us need to work on communication.  My teammates are extremely conscientious about this and we make sure to always keep in touch either on Facebook, Text, E-mails, or whenever we see each other in school.  We all have such great ideas, but we need to work more on talking about them and sharing them with one another.

As of right now, I feel like my group has done great with communication and expressing our ideas. We have all managed to set up a fundraiser next Monday, April 14, at PDQ (Family Fun Night).  We will have raffles, food, and gift-cards available for the winners. 10% of the proceeds are to go towards our fundraiser to the Quantum House.  In order to promote this, we have created flyers and dedicated a Facebook page to this event.  We hope to see everyone there!




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