Blog Post 4

My group’s main focus is on children and medical care. We have all contacted the Quantum House and Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. The Quantum House seemed the most interested in our cause and they were one of the few that responded to let us know that they would love to work with us. Palm Beach Children’s Hospital did not answer so Sarah left them a message, but we never heard back.

The Quantum House’s Information:

Throughout the class, our guest speaker taught us a great deal of useful information on how to read different tax forms. He focused on the 990 forms, which are mainly used for our philanthropy project. The 990 forms are there to help us find out how successful or unsucessful a business is doing (financially).  It is the most essential step in starting or investing in a business so you know if the business is doing well.  We learned that we must always invest in a business that is financially stable.  And the main lesson today allowed us to focus on this.  My teammates and I looked at the 990 forms of our organizations through a website called  After looking at the 990 forms of the Quantum House, we learned that they made money this past year and they are doing well financially.  We predicted that they will be able to survive for over a year.  My group and I are very excited to be working with Quantum house.  We all wanted to find an organization that truly wanted to work with us and help our ideas become a reality, and Quantum house made us feel very good about this.


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