Week 6 experience

This week, the tables and chairs of the classroom were rearranged for a “Board Member Panel Discussion” with the non-profit organizations we had chosen for the Main Street Philanthropy course. We were visited by the heads of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League and Quantum House (my group’s chosen non-profit); along with members from the Palm Beach County Food Bank and Scripps.

First, the panel started by individually introducing their organizations while including some interesting information about how the organization is doing financially. I learned from the non-profit panel that our groups chose some very good organizations to distribute our funds to. We also got to talk later with Roberta Jurney, the Executive Director for the Quantum House that had come for the Board Member Panel Discussion.

So far, our fundraising activity has been going really well. We had the PDQ fundraiser I wrote about in the previous blog post, and two more fundraisers in the following weeks.

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