Week 8: The Charities

Yesterday the main street philanthropy class and I had the pleasure of visiting each and every organization that we were donating to. We started bright and early, leaving school at 9 a.m from school. First we visited The Quantum House. We started by enjoying a nice breakfast and listening to the formation of the organization from the leader. We then were led on a tour throughout the whole facility. The most touching moment was listening to both the patient and mother of the patient. The girl was suffering from a birth defect and it was truly touching listening to both of their stories. Next we visited Operation Troop Support, where we met a Vietnam veteran. We then were led throughout his house that they built for him, because he was “homeless”. They have plans to remodel the house next to him, for family and friends to visit him. This organization seems like it really cares about Veterans re-entering into society. Next we visited Scripps Research facility. I didn’t realize how massive the facility was, and that it contained a graduate school. We started the tour by visiting a small MRI room, then continued on throughout the facility. The biologists and chemists are separated in buildings but still collaborate on projects and drugs. We ended the tour with the presenting of the check. Next we visited Palm Beach County Food Bank, where we traveled through what seemed like Antarctica. The freezers were so cold it made the 40 degree coolers seem hot. After receiving a chilling tour from the director we ended the visit with a pleasant lunch. The distribution of food is one of the largest I have ever seen by a food bank. Million pounds of food are distributed yearly. Finally we visited my own organization, Peggy Adams. We started the tour by seeing tiny kittens and cats. Next we continued on, to the dog section where we saw some loud barking furry friends. We ended the tour with the presenting of the check. I truly think my group and I made a smart decision in donating to Peggy Adams.


For our class assignment we were tasked with interviewing a family member, friend or essentially anyone. I decided to interview my mother. I asked her where she was from and talk to me about some things that have changed from then and now. She grew up in Schnectady, New York in a big family. She talked about how technology and music are so different now. Back then they didn’t have iphones and ipads and laptops, and also back then she would listen to Rick Springfield. Today whenever she turns on the radio there is a rapper or techno type of music playing. I also asked her name an experience that changed another person life. She reminded me of the time when there was a homeless kid that she taught at her high school. The kid would always wear the same clothes to school, so we decided to take some of my clothes and buy some new ones for him. He was so happy he cried and always came by to say hello to my mother. Another thing my mother talked about was that kids today need to budget instead of just spending money.

Week 6

Recently we had representatives from organizations come into to discuss their organization and the purpose. My group, Team Cause for Paws, brought in the CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Shelter. Other groups brought in Scripps, and the Palm Beach County Food Bank, and the Quantum House. It was really interesting to listen to the CEO of Peggy Adams talk to the students about particular stories he had with dogs and kittens. This one puppy had a terrible early life, he was neglected and abused, however he eventually was turned into Peggy Adams and became a loving and caring puppy. A thing that stuck out during the panel discussion was how much the representative from Scripps knew. His name was Josh, and i could tell you how much he knew about chemistry and molecules. Another thing that stood out was how The Quantum house is so loving and caring and they truly are one big family. Overall the panel helped my group and i make our final decision.

Post 5

Although I was not present at this past class, my group and I were working towards fundraising and gathering organizations to come to school to discuss their organization. The past week my group and I have identified organizations such as Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, which is right across the street from our school. We have scheduled to bring in the CEO of Peggy Adams to our first panel session. Peggy Adams is a non-profit organization which is a powerhouse amongst the local animal rescue teams. My group and I have strongly examined their organization, but also plan to look into other organizations such as Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue. Overall we are well on our way to raising over 300 dollars.Unknown

Week 4 Post

My group and I are focusing are fundraising on Animal Care. I have contacted Peggy Adams, which is in fact right across the street from Oxbridge. I also contacted the Tri-Country Humane Society. Also I volunteer at an organization called A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue. I have contacted their and am leaning more towards donating to this organization more because I am familiar with the supervisors and in general love the people and organization.

Last Class we had a guess speaker come in and speak to us about forms, such as the 990’s. My group and I are still filling out the forms but plan to have them done before our next class in April. We also look forward to our fundraising opportunities. So far I feel like we need to move faster, but the spring break somewhat delayed us. Overall this is going ok!