Week 9

Today was our second to last class and we went on a field trip to the different organizations. I feel like just last week we started this project. It felt amazing to deliver the check to the palm beach county food bank and see how thrilled they were to have us. I have never been to their facility so it was very nice to get a tour and see what they do 🙂 I really enjoyed quantum house because i volunteer there often but it was great to hear the girls story. It was sad to hear about all the pain she was going through but at the same time it was joyful because she is being taken care of by the quantum house. Operation troop support was nice to visit the house and see the progress in action. I liked how we actually saw the work being done. Scripps was very interesting to tour and it was amazing to hear about all the different diseases that they are trying to cure! Of course Peggy Adams was very fun to visit because the animals are absolutely adorable! I loved seeing all the kittens and all the dogs that they had for adoption. I am very glad that we took the trip today to visit all the organizations and it was very rewarding to give our check to our group. I am very proud of my group for donating the most money! I am so happy that the money was donated to the food bank and I know it is going to a great cause. Next week is our last class and I can’t wait ! 🙂

Hungry to Help!

Our team met with the women in charge of the Palm Beach County Food Bank. She came to class and discussed how they help the hunger in Palm Beach County. This helped our group become educated on what charity we were going to donate to. This visit helped my group become excited and anxious about finally donating all the money that we raised. Tova and I raised a lot of money through our fundraiser that we held and we can’t wait to finally donate it all. It is going to feel extremely rewarding to visit the site that is going to receive all the money. My group sent in a request to visit the main site. I can’t wait to finally see the end product of this project.

Week 4 Post

This week we worked on how to read tax forms. It was a little confusing at first but then Mr. Kohner explained it to us in depth. After a little while, we were able to have a better understanding of the form 990. I didn’t realize how long the tax code was and how in depth it went to explain everything. Mr. Kohner did a great job explaining it to the class and I was grateful that he took the time to visit our class.

Tova and I have been working on the fundraiser that is going to take place in April. Our idea is to have a jewelry house party and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Palm Beach County Food Bank. We have been trying to put together a massive list to invite people to the party. We are also contacting people from out of state that might want to still order some jewelry. I think this is going to be a great way to raise some money to benefit a great organization. Im excited to start planning and to start raising money.

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Three Statements from last week

Last week in our groups we brainstormed about our topics. My group researched charities in regards to hunger. We came up with our statements that will represent our group. Our Purpose is: Our team’s purpose is to serve our community by fighting against hunger, Our Vision is: A Palm Beach County without anyone going hungry and our Mission is: A better world through feeding hunger in our community. We researched many organizations about hunger and we liked the Palm Beach County Food Bank the most. In regards to fundraising, Tova and I have coordinated a jewelry party and the proceeds will be given to the organization of our choice. We have organized and invited many different people that we know and invited them to come to this event. It was hard deciding on which organization to decide to donate money to, because there are a lot of charities that need money. I think it is going to be fun contacting more organizations and finding ways to raise money for a good cause 🙂

Brown Bag Exercise

I learned a lot about my classmates after completing this Brown Paper Bag Exercise in class. I was friendly with all of my classmates but I got to learn more about the people who are in my group. I discovered that Sam likes to play ping pong, David went to Catholic school and Tova likes to play the guitar. I felt like I connected to my teammates on a new level and learned what they were interested in. This exercise was a fun and simple way to have people open up and discuss their interests.

My team is working on a bake sale fundraiser to raise money for our charity. We feel like we can raise a lot of money and its fun to complete. My team was also trying to organize a fundraiser where if a certain amount of money was raised,a teacher will shave their head. We also came up with the idea of selling shirts at lunch and providing the supplies to create a tie-dye shirt. We thought this would be a fun way to get people involved and to raise money. These fundraisers will probably take place some time in April or end of March. We tried to think of fundraisers directly involving hunger, but most of the ideas we came up with are food drives and they dont raise direct money. I think my group can really come together and make money for an amazing cause!