What’s Your Mission? Week 3

Fred, Vincent and I came up of the group name “Cure of Life.” Although I was absent for this class, I gathered that on this day the class discussed purpose statements and their importance along with other discussions. Cure of Life’s new purpose statement is, “To serve our community by bringing health research and education.” Cure of Life’s vision is to help people gain the knowledge of their health and theĀ  great importance of it. In order to make this happen, my group and I must do our research first and foremost. We will research and work with non-profit fundraising, find accurate and suitable labs, and fund the important health research. Personally, I am not sure exactly what to expect when reaching out to the organizations. I may predict that they will give my group helpful information on our ideas and maybe even some suggestions as well.

Who’s Got Team Spirit? Week 2


The items I brought today were a picture of family, picture of health, and my weight lifting workout shirt for my brown paper bag. Family means everything to me and I would sacrifice everything for them. Secondly, health for any individual and especially the ones I care about and love is very important to me and a critical thing to have. Lastly, my weight lifting workout shirt represent my love for being active in sports and working out.

I noticed both Vincent and Fred brought headphones for one of their favorite things; expressing their passion for music and that they both found relief in it as well.

We are currently working on finding a team name.

What’s Your Passion? Week 1

During this class, I learned that there are much more topics of charity than I suspected. By eliminating the cards to 6 then 3, I learned which topics really stood out to me in which I wanted to take interest in. I also learned that the cards I chose related to my life.

To participate in the Main Street Philanthropy Program, I would like to gain a better understanding of what I can do to help in the best ways possible. I would also like to learn the history of the charities I am interested in and how they became.