Week 9 or 10? (FINAL POST)

Today we visited the charities and distributed our checks.  I think that all and all, my team made the right choice for us to donate our 1,870 to.  The Palm Beach County Food Bank was grateful and the tour, walking through the freezer, was fun.  The organization that stood out to me the most was the the Quantum House.  The story about the 15 year old girl was heart wrenching.  And to have to see that little baby there, it made me sad because I know that that little girl has a long road ahead of her.  I still can’t stop thinking about that 15 year old.  She has had 25 surgeries in 14 years because her first surgery was at 18 months old.  Her and her family will remain in my heart.  I think that from now on, I will try to participate at the quantum house and help out families.  It seems like a great cause.  Also, I really enjoyed seeing all the cute little kittens at Peggy Adams.  I hope that they all find lovely homes.

Week 8

Our group, Alexandra and I, are prepared to present and submit our final funding decisions.  We have created a powerpoint in which we are going to share with the class.  On this powerpoint is the final money count that we reached.  Something else that is on the powerpoint is pictures that we took from the fundraiser and some fun facts about hunger and starvation in America as well as some other pertinent information.  We are nervous because we do not know how much money everybody else made, but we are also stoked.  All that we can do is be happy because when it is all said and done, we know in our hearts that we did the best we could.  We still do not know what the boys in the group are doing.  I think that it is safe to say that us girls won the in-house competition.

Week 7

The lady who came in to represent the PBCFB and talk to our class seemed like a nice woman.  We look forward to continuing to work with her and donating our money to a cause that we feel confidant in.  We are currently working on arraigning a site visit where we can go for a day and examine the good work that they complete.  My personal favorite speaker that came in was the graduate student from scripts.  I enjoyed seeing how he lit up when he spoke of the work he has been doing.  He was so animated and positive that he made me feel like i wanted to donate to his cause.  All and all though, I liked listening to all the board members.  The stories from peggy adams brought tears to my eyes!

Week 6

We have received news from the Palm Beach County Food Bank and they are looking forward to working with us.  As we are them!  This week, a representative from the food bank is going to came and speak to our class in person, Alexandra and I cant wait(:  Our fundraiser was even more of a success than we could have ever dreamed.  We do not have final count yet, but we know for sure that we have met our quota.  It blew my mind how the neighbors and friends and family gathered for this cause.  It was incredible.  We had close to 40 people at my house.  And the people who could not make it on the 3rd either donated without purchasing anything, or purchased from the catalogue.  All and all, we feel confident that we did all that we could…we do not know what the boys are doing as their fundraiser.

Week 5

I have left the reviewing of the 990 forms to my partner.  We are definitely going to donate to the Palm Beach County Food Bank.  We made invitations and evites and Facebook events for our fundraiser and stated on them who we were donating to.  A fact about hunger is that one in six people in the USA face hunger.  We need to take a stand against hunger.  Hopefully our money donation will help people.  I completed my bat mitzvah speech on hunger in America. Also, I know from first hand experience what a decent meal can do to help families.  This is the reason that I am so adamant about helping fight hunger in particular.  Team Hungry to Help(girls) are going to make this fundraiser the best that it can possibly be!