Purpose, Vision, Mission Statement

My team purpose is to serve our community by helping and making a difference in the lives of children receiving long-term medical care. When thinking of a good purpose for this project, we had trouble putting everything into one sentence. At first, it seemed almost impossible, but with Ms. Allegra’s help we were able to create a sentence that summed up all of our main goals for this project.

Our vision is a world where families with children receiving long-term medical care have all the resources necessary. This is our vision because we believe that no matter how much medical treatment the children of these parents/guardians pay for, they should not have to worry about money. Money shouldn’t be the main issue. It is important to remember that these children, parents, and guardians are going through a lot, and it would feel great to help them worry less.

Some organizations that we have identified include the Quantum House, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Miami Children’s, Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s, and the Children Services of Palm Beach County. When reaching out to these organizations, we expect to talk with someone who is a board member/executive. Our primary purpose when making these calls is to inform them about how and why we want to help. We are looking to contact the person who can help make our vision happen. In class on Wednesday, we learned about a few things  we can do when contacting the business or individual over the phone. It is important to be confident, friendly, happy, and attentive throughout the phone call.  By giving our full attention, it shows them that we are extremely passionate with the problems we are talking about.

Brown Paper Bag Activity/Fundraiser

The paper bag activity gave me a great insight on the many different things my friends enjoy.  This activity really proves how diverse we all are as individuals, and how we can use our different interests to help make the community better.  When I was put into my groups, we discovered that we are all passionate about the arts.  Haley enjoys writing and music, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, and Sophia loves to knit and create her own stuffed animals.   I learned that all of these different, yet unique qualities could contribute to our Philanthropy project.


My team and I have planned to fundraise money by selling arts and crafts, hosting a garage sale, and holding a car wash.  We have decided that we would love to host an art fundraiser since Haley and I both love to write, design, and act.  With all of these special talents, we have all decided on making our Charity name Healing HeARTs.  We will be visiting hospitals and teaching the children with mental disorders, physical disorders, and terminal illnesses how to create artwork.  Because many children may be different, we will have different activities for different children to work on.  For example, we will have bead making, writing, acting, singing, dancing, etc.  It will just be a fun time for the kids to interact and feel like they are a part of something.


MAD Cards

After using the Make a Difference cards, I learned that I would really love to do more work with children that have terminal illnesses or disabilities. Whenever I offer my help at the Quantum house or Autism awareness club, I feel really good about not only myself, but also others around me.  It is always an extremely humbling experience that allows me to get to know myself better, as well as the children.  I feel that many of us want to help, but we don’t know how to go about it.  I’ve always wanted to help rebuild homes for those that have gone through natural disasters, but I never really knew where to start.  I am going to get myself and others more involved in these organizations.  It is a great way to help others and learn about ourselves in the process.