brown bag

I learned a lot about my classmates during the paper bag activity. Many people brought in a lot of meaningful things, but I just brought in things that represented my hobbies and things I like. I brought in a ping pong ball, a golf ball, and a muffin. I brought in the ping pong ball because I play most days during school. I brought in the golf ball because I like to play golf during weekend. Overall, I liked the activity because I learned a lot about my classmates.

first blog

I thought the MAD activity was very interesting. I didn’t how many causes there are. All of them are important, but we ranked them in importance to decide what we would want to do. I learned a lot from this experience about others and myself. I learned that I believe hunger is the worst world issue, and that most others also believe this. I also learned that I would like to help out the community in the future by either donating money or volunteering.