Visiting the Charities

This week, we all had the privilege to visit five different charities, which would go on to become the recipients of our donations. The first stop in the morning was the Quantum House. It was great to see and hear all about what happens inside the house, as well as getting to meet some patients who stay in the home. Next, we visited Capt. Terpin of Operation Troop Support. My group had decided to give to this foundation because we could tell they loved to give back, and that is what we saw today as they built a home for a former soldier in Vietnam. Next, we went to visit the Scripps research facilities. It was interesting to see the labs where they did there research. Soon after seeing Scripps, we went on to go see the Palm Beach County Food Bank. I was amazed at how much food they had there, but more importantly, I was impressed by how much the food they donate helps the community. Lastly, we went to visit Peggy Adams. It was a great tour and they had some cool animals there, such as Boris. All in all a great day.


Team OVO had some very successful fundraising. For our fundraiser we held and eBay sale of some sneakers. We sold limited edition sneakers that we paid retail price for, marked the shoes up, and will be donating our profits to charity. The fundraiser was very efficient and effctive, especially when you consider all of the sneakers sold within 12 hours of being listed on eBay. However, next time we host a fundraiser, we need to be able to get our hands on more supply so we can raise more money. It is clear our team had an idea that worked great, the only issue was our limited supply. However with more product we could’ve raised lots more for a great cause. Our charity receiving the donation will be Operation Troop Support ran by Capt. Trainer!


While continuing to raise funds to assist veterans, I also was able to see one of my friends from New Jersey, James. While he was here, I decided to conduct my Main Street interview on him. I decided he’d be a great kid to interview because he is involved in lots of philanthropy. One of the things he said that shocked me was the fact that not only does he donate money, but he also donates his time. Each weekend, James volunteers at a local pre-school which hosts a recreational basketball league. James assists the kids by hosting clinics for the students to better their skills. From my conversation with James, I learned that philanthropy could be more than donating money, but it could also be donating time.

Finding a Charity worth our money

When it comes to finding a non-profit worthy of investing in, Team OVO is faced with a few challenges. First off, taxes only tell so much about a charity. Yes, they do show where the money is going and if the charity has steady finances. Second, since we’re dealing in the veterans category of charity, it is important to understand that often times people are out to scam for donations. This is because many American’s will easily donate to veterans charity because they feel a certain connection to veterans and an obligation to donate. It’s even been a struggle to reach out to some prospective charities. Last but not least, we are challenged with finding an organization that not only assists veterans in their return from war, but also while their at war. Due to the three factors mentioned above, finding a charity worth investing in is a difficult task.

Why to look at the numbers

When deciding on what organization to donate the funds raised to, it is very important to know where the organization spends their money. Before investing into an organization, I wanted to know where the money would be going. I was particularly fascinated with the Veterans Services of America organization. They not only support Veterans in the return home after war, but they also provide them with housing. I think that this is great. When I get back from break, I am going to share this wonderful information with my group, Team OVO, and hope they’d like to work with the organization I’ve found.