The American Chestnut Foundation

I learned that the Foundation was formed to bring back the Chestnuts. The chestnut tree is important because: they provide food for us and the anamals, furnecher and instruments

MSP Week 4

On our fourth week we watched Lucia make a mock call to a non-profit organization. Then, we were given a tax sheet and were told to calculate the total revenue, the total fundraising, the total expenses, the total program expanses, the total management expenses, the total fundraising expenses, and the total liquid assets.


Last Monday Lucia called an organization to show us how to call the organizations we picked for ourselves. When she did, it was admittedly a little stressfull.

I am a little nervous for when my team calls our three organizations. The two things Im worried about are that ill mess up/mix up my words and also that they’ll think Im a prank caller and just hang up.

What I Thought of Lucia Calling Organizations.

I thought it was funny because you never got to talk to people at the organizations because no one answered the phone.

Week 4 Question (A) Part 2

The American Chestnut Foundation is trying to bring back the American chestnut tree from near extinction. Because the American chestnut tree helped America in the past. It was good tanning wood, the chestnuts from the American chestnut were yummy, and squirrels could go from tree to tree from Massachusetts to Florida without touching the ground.

Question (A) Part 1

Our cause is to help the environment. Stop pollution, help endangered trees, stop people from littering, etc…..

week three blog

hmmm well well well its rather hard to remember

ok well it was pretty fun to come up organizations and stuff but also very hard and we didn’t really get our team name yet or our time and place ooofff now I’m feeling guilty but we did talk about the purpose, vision, and mission with Enzo on the very confusing face time

ok ok ok ok ooofff hmmmm I hope it all goes well but I won’t be surprised if someone says go away kids. well the captain of the Titanic did answer another ship’s warning about icebergs by saying, “shut up, shut up I’m busy” and they sunk good bye folks

update week three M.S.P

What do i expect from the organizations i dunno i think we are going to have to know what were doing,it’s a little scary.Also the mission statements were cool it’s good to know what your doing you know?

Week 3 MSP

Hi, this is Isa. Today at Main Street Philanthropy we created purpose, vision, and mission statements. The purpose statement answers the question “Why am I here.” The vision statement asks the question “What do you envision the world to be like if you get the maximum amount of success.” The mission statement is similar to answering the question “What is my mission.” After that we were asked to research three nonprofit organizations. Finally, we were asked the question “What do you expect you’ll encounter when reaching out to organizations this week”

week 3

It was hard and easy creating the purpose statement, vision statement, mission statement.

I expect I will be encountering them knowing about main street philanthropy.