Field Trip Blog Post

A) Going into this trip it was expected to learn more about sheltered animals and the lives of the misfortuned. People who live normal lives often take what they have for granted, not realizing not everyone is privileged enough to afford a nice home or food on the table.

B) It was impressive how the Greater Life Organization used their limited space so effectively. They had many small rooms that were all put to use.

C) The dogs and cats at the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter resided is spacious kennel. Leaving them enough room to walk as well as space for a bed. It was sad to see all the animals without a home, making me thinking about the other hundreds of thousands homeless animals. 🙁

D) As a working students going into college it would be difficult to preform now, however, I would like to make a decent donation either weekly or monthly to help out the animal shelter in my area.

E) The people who take on the responsibility of others (both people and animals) are passionate about what they do and courageous enough to devote their time to volunteer work and charity. At the moment there’s nothing in my life that compares to something as great as that but I hope to peruse some form of philanthropy in the future.


I thought the field trip was very educational. It showed me about different pictures and made me realize that I took some things for granted.

Greater life impacted me the most. It was really interesting to see how they made the most out of a small building just to help kids that need it. They were very humble and it felt very organized

I felt disappointed when our organization didn’t know what to say when we asked what they would do with the money. They just showed us a video celebrating the companies anniversary and it did not seem like they were organized, which made me a little annoyed because we put in a lot of effort to donate to them.

In my opinion people do this kind of work to give back to the people who don’t have many necessities.

Liala Gelman Final Blog Post

  1. I was very impressed with the first stop of the field trip because they were very well prepared for our visit yet the other two places that we visited were not prepared as much. I assumed that it would be a very handsome on field trip which the first destination was.
  2. Chester from the homeless shelter impressed me the most because he used to be a drug user and completely turned his life around by working in this company.
  3. Seeing the homeless shelter made me sad because I realized how fortunate I am and how much I take for granted including with my school.
  4. I can donate to some of the organizations in my area to help cure many issues in my area.
  5. People work in this field to educate those around them about how to help spread awareness for the community and for their passion for humanitarianism.

Zacharriyah Uddin Blog # Non-Attendees of Field Trip

A) About how this one experienced change there life and they started to work this organization and how they serve

B)About how they help people recover from there broken homes and what tactics they used and how did they help them recover from drugs

C) I would redo raffle.Understand the laws and get the liance for the raffle competition. Spread more awanarnce on it.I would do a loud speaker announcement.

D) I would promote a politically organization.It would help people teach people vote and educate people how to do vote.

Isabel Blog #5

Going into the field trip I expected to mostly listen to each non profit charity representatives to just talk to us. As we went to each charity, I was surprised that we were hands on with most of the charities, like packing backpacks for underprivileged children. I really enjoyed being more hands on, rather than listening to each charity talk the whole time we were there. The Greater Life non profit is the charity is the one that impressed me the most because of their attitude and how they hold themselves. The people that work there were so passionate and proud of what they do and I think that really had an impact on me. They do not get paid much and do not have the best funding, but they still hold their heads high and help as many people as they can. That really impressed me. Nothing really made me too emotional, but Greater Life definitely had the most impact on me. One thing I can do to help any non profits in the area near my school is reach out to them and see if they need more volunteers possibly or give donations. I think people do this work because they have either been through similar experiences that these people are going through or are trying to raise awareness and help out these causes. I do have something in my own life that compares to this. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love working with younger children and helping them. I also have a learning disability and have gone through the struggles of dealing with school, so being able to maybe help a child learn something new or help them grow in any way would really be a big accomplishment in my opinion.

Field Trip: Rita Nirenberg

During this field trip I was taken around to 3 different organizations learning about their system in finances and how they attract donors. The fist place: Greater Life taught me how their building facilities works to their best abilities. Such as, they used every and any room they could. They re-used cardboard boxes, they had a food set up team, they had a little library. It was really cool to see how everything in that building worked with a reason behind it. I also liked that they had a team that had dealt with difficult past. The second place was a dog shelter which also showed us their similar financial system. They let us know how dogs are taken care of and what determines them to be in there or somewhere else. For my charity I worked with Family Promise and I would have been interested in learning about their faculties. Being a homeless shelter, I would want to see where their donations go to. I would also like to learn about their financial situation, where the money goes to. If i could re do my fundraising experience I would work ALONE. Although being in a group would generally be easier and less work for me, but I could really put all my effort in. I would have handed out pamphlets around town promoting a walk. I would start a walk because I think community is really important and If i can have people work together that would be amazing. If I could start a fundraiser for myself, it would revolve around wild animal sanctuaries. I think they are overlooked, and being an animal lover would determine me to do the most I could to help these animals.

Emma H. Last Blog Post

That Greater Life was something many of would like to work with even though it was not the organization they chose in the first place. That we take for granted school and the supplies we have. These charities are very passionate.

What they would do with the money we gave them. What services they provide to the individual people one on one.

I would add an event in addition to the go fund me that we made to raise more money.

I feel like I work on a nonprofit to help children deal with emotional issues, and mental disabilities.

A) Describe your overall impression of the field trip. What did you expect going into it, and what were your thoughts throughout the day as you were experiencing it? (Remember to please keep your comments constructive).

After going on the field trip I felt that it was very enriching and was a great trip overall. I believe that going to the actual organizations helped to show everyone the reality of the problems that the non profits face on a daily basis.

B) What/Who impressed you the most, and why?

I was completely impressed by the reality of the problem that the animal shelter faced. Carly showed how without he little amount of money that they do receive in funding for the animal shelter from other organizations and federal loans. It was amazing how they would do everything they could do to save as many animals as possible.

C) Did anything make you emotional? Happy? Joyous? Sad? Energized? Depressed? Angry? Motivated?

I was a little upset when we went to the animal shelter because I am very close to dogs and animals and it pains me to see animals in pain.

D) What is one thing you can do, as you graduate from HS, that can help the mission of any non-profits in the area you settle in for school?

One thing that we could do as a graduate from Millburn High School to assist the organizations that we visited would be donating any amount of money as often as you can because everything makes a difference.

E) In your view, why do people do this work? Plus, do you have something in your own life that compares to this?

People do this work because it is a cause that is usually near and dear to their heart and they care more about the cause than the money.

field trip debrief

a) I thought the field trip was very interesting and it was a great opportunity to help out and learn about different non profit organization groups near us.

b) K1 at the greater life organization impressed me with all the work she gets done teaching and helping out with all the kids that come in constantly.

c) During this trip I felt many emotions. I was sad about the dogs, happy to see everyone helping at greater life, and in a fine mood for the last organization we went to.

d) I would love to help out at the animal shelter place over the summer. I could help walk the dogs, wash the bowls for the animals , and maybe even foster a dog before I leave for school.

e) People do this work to feel that they are giving back and helping others which means more to some than receiving. I can relate to this feeling when I gave back a couple of summers ago building houses that got destroyed during hurricane Katrina.

Amy Blog Post

  1. It I has been difficult to start up a fundraising effort. A few weeks ago I suggested having lemonade stand as my groups fundraiser. I have learned so far the exposure and they way would could utalize social media in order make the most money.
  2. My organization got a 14 on the 990 tax form. By getting such a high score it made me want to fundraise for the organization even more because it solidified that the organization is doing good and using the money in a responsible way.
  3. My group plans on holding a lemonade stand. To help maximize our profits I should start telling my friends and post on my Facebook and Instagram the date and location. The more publicized the event is the more people would come.