Liala Gelman Blog Post

  1. I was hoping to learn what the organizations do and what makes them stand out from other organizations.
  2. I learned that most people who work for these organizations do it because of their love for the cause, not because of the money they are receiving for working for this organization. I also learned that it isn’t not easy working for charity organizations because of the heartbreaking experiences. Also, I learned that each company uses charity money differently for their organization which I found to be interesting.
  3. What impressed me the most was how long most of the organizations have been around for, and how different each of the representatives were because this shows anyone can do what they are doing.
  4. One question i would like to have asked is if there was a scenario where they were unable to help an individual and why.
  5. The panel discussion helped me to learn more about the organizations and which would be the best to donate the money raised to, and how the organization would use that money.

1. I was hoping to learn more about their purposes and why they do what they do. 2. I learned about their purposes, what they looked like, and their passions towards what they do. 3. What impressed me what their drive towards what they do. 5. Yes because of how little money my organization has made me want to help raise more money for her.

Zacharriyah Uddin Blog# 3

  • Before the panel began I was hoping to learn more about the organization and how there top people managing how they present them selves

    1. The first unique thing I learned that greater life is not just here to help in education they wanted to. rebuild Newark 2. I learned that Nj seeds is very competitive.3.Not a a lot of people are in this industry its a very limited competition

    The most thing that impressed me about the organization that we got to is that how many people they help and there goals is to keep expanding there drive to make things better

    The one question I would have liked to ask is that how do you guys work with communities to spread your organization the reason why I would ask this question is because it shows how much effort they putting to spread there message how well known they really are

    It did because It showed me theres a dedicated stuff and how they are really passionate what they do

Isabel Blog Post #3

What I hoped to learn prior to the panel discussion was what my nonprofit organization was all about an what makes them so unique compared to others and how they started their non profit. Three unique things I learned during the panel discussion was how each persons story on how they joined/created their nonprofits was so different. Another thing i learned that was unique was that some organizations barely get any money and some get a ton of money. One last thing I thought was unique that I learned was how the different events each organization does to raise money for their organizations was different. What impressed me the most about my panelist was how little she has and how small her organization is, but how committed she is to it. She wants only the best for her animals and I think that is very admiral. One question I would have liked to ask is how she gets the income she has? How does she have enough of her own money to support these animals? I would like to ask this because I am curious as to how she has not run out of money yet. The panel discussion did reinforce my desire to support my cause because seeing how little Wilma has to support her animals, but how she does it anyways makes me want to help out and be apart of making a difference in these animals lives.

First Panel Discussion

We had our first panel discussion yesterday and it was very interesting hearing from all of the organizations. I definitely got a feel for who I want to work with in the future, and am “funneling down” the options of the charities. I think the best thing coming out of this was that I even was interested in the other social cause that was there for the other group. Next week my group has one more person coming so I’m excited to hear from them and continue this process.

Hannah’s 2nd blog post

the process my team used for creating our team name was brainstorming and thinking of several ideas that we liked for our team name. One of our team members said “HEAL” which to me was a great idea because it includes every letter of our first names, and has a deeper meaning! This name was liked by each and every one of our team members. My teams goal is to ensure to a way to help mental health affected people to make their lives better, and happier!

Blog Post #2

We developed our team name by thinking about what we were trying to do and how we wanted to make an impact. I felt like our name should show how we want to make a difference, which I think our name proves. In order to help our cause I believe my team should take part in calling our organizations and making an effort to donate or take part in helping the charity. I think our group will help make animals and kids lives better. We will call charities and help take part in changing these animals and kids lives.

Zach Uddin Blog #2

Our name Our Future Our Actions we thought that thought our actions we can make impact on our future. The way how I felt during this is our actions control our future so I thought it was good name because by joining our group our actions will hopefully make a more better future for our future generations. The most effective way for our group to have a impact is that we donate to the charities but also educate the current status quo issue in our society about how certain people do not have a good quality education and talk about how these groups have worked. Donate those groups that have proven effective. We hope to create a world that everyone has a quality education regardless where they live. So our end goal is to create a good education system for everyone the best is to donate and bring awareness to the issue

Liala Gelman Blog #2

The process my team used in creating our team name was we first began with brainstorming, and then we threw around several ideas that we liked for our team name. Then one of our team members said “HELP” which to us, was a great idea because it includes every letter of our first names. This name was liked by each and every one of our team members. I felt that our team must find a way to help mental health affected people to make their lives better.

Emma Hetherington Blog #2

My team found our main social cause which was mental health. Then we thought about how charities and organizations made clever names. A lot of them make acronyms for their names, so that is what we did. Our name is HEAL, standing for Helping, Everyone, Acheive, Life.

I think my team should be doing to help this cause is to minimize the stigma around mental health and also help those in need get the help they need to live a full life. I think my team will help teach people about mental health and give those who cannot afford mental health services they need a place to go to get the help they need. To fufill this we need to find the right organization and raise money and volunteer time to help them help us to reach our vision