Hannah’s 2nd blog post

the process my team used for creating our team name was brainstorming and thinking of several ideas that we liked for our team name. One of our team members said “HEAL” which to me was a great idea because it includes every letter of our first names, and has a deeper meaning! This name was liked by each and every one of our team members. My teams goal is to ensure to a way to help mental health affected people to make their lives better, and happier!

Blog Post #2

We developed our team name by thinking about what we were trying to do and how we wanted to make an impact. I felt like our name should show how we want to make a difference, which I think our name proves. In order to help our cause I believe my team should take part in calling our organizations and making an effort to donate or take part in helping the charity. I think our group will help make animals and kids lives better. We will call charities and help take part in changing these animals and kids lives.

Zach Uddin Blog #2

Our name Our Future Our Actions we thought that thought our actions we can make impact on our future. The way how I felt during this is our actions control our future so I thought it was good name because by joining our group our actions will hopefully make a more better future for our future generations. The most effective way for our group to have a impact is that we donate to the charities but also educate the current status quo issue in our society about how certain people do not have a good quality education and talk about how these groups have worked. Donate those groups that have proven effective. We hope to create a world that everyone has a quality education regardless where they live. So our end goal is to create a good education system for everyone the best is to donate and bring awareness to the issue

Liala Gelman Blog #2

The process my team used in creating our team name was we first began with brainstorming, and then we threw around several ideas that we liked for our team name. Then one of our team members said “HELP” which to us, was a great idea because it includes every letter of our first names. This name was liked by each and every one of our team members. I felt that our team must find a way to help mental health affected people to make their lives better.

Emma Hetherington Blog #2

My team found our main social cause which was mental health. Then we thought about how charities and organizations made clever names. A lot of them make acronyms for their names, so that is what we did. Our name is HEAL, standing for Helping, Everyone, Acheive, Life.

I think my team should be doing to help this cause is to minimize the stigma around mental health and also help those in need get the help they need to live a full life. I think my team will help teach people about mental health and give those who cannot afford mental health services they need a place to go to get the help they need. To fufill this we need to find the right organization and raise money and volunteer time to help them help us to reach our vision

Gabriella Pace Blog #1

I am grateful that Mr. Yale took time out of his day to come into class to teach us about the meaning philanthropy and what its like being a philanthropist. He also spoke about non-profit organizations and the type of work that has to be put into creating and running an organization. I had an exceptional experience using the MAD cards. They allowed me to pin point what exactly is important to me and gave me a better understanding of whats going on in the minds of my peers.

Rita N. Blog #1

When Mr. Yale came to our class we learned how non profit organizations run. I appreciated the time he took to explain what philanthropy is, and I am now working on a project where my group and I are creating our own organization. I am taking the advice he gave us, to keep our morals on the right track and be honest with where exactly the donations are going to.

Andres Salazar 1st Blog

During the MAD cards exercise i learned that I have a lot of shared interest with other students, like the things we think we should help and why we want to help that cause. I liked the paper bag one more because it was cool seeing things other kids brought and I also learned a lot from other kids I did not know about them.

hannahs 1st blog post

I had a good experience with the MAD cards. I learned more about what is important to me, I also learned the same about others. My favorite activity was the paper bag one. I learned a lot about others and I think it brought our class together. Im hoping to gain more knowledge.

Blog Post #1

  1. The MAD cards helped me figure out what I think is most important in life. Also to see what I am interested in and not as much. Some things that I thought were important were not as much as some of the cards I had piled.
  2. I liked the brown bag activity, it was fun opening up about what I care about outside of school. I also enjoyed what other people had to share to, it was interesting comparing what I found important versus what they did.
  3. I hope to gain a better understanding with what philanthropy is really all about. Also I want to gain more skills with talking to adults and asking them questions.